Monday 18th February 2019,

Rondo Sort Of Apologizes For Directing Slur At Gay NBA Referee

Rondo - Kennedy

Only a few hours after NBA referee Bill Kennedy came out as gay, Rajon Rondo apologized for using homophobic slurs after he was ejected from a game.

The Sacramento Kings’ guard was ejected on December 3 after receiving consecutive technical fouls from Kennedy, he then refused to leave the court and launched into a rant yelling “You’re a motherfucking faggot” and “You’re a fucking faggot, Billy.” The league suspended Rondo one game without pay for “directing a derogatory and offensive term towards a game official and not leaving the court in a timely manner upon his ejection.”

In a series of tweets Monday, Rondo didn’t apologize for his actions, but rather tried to explain himself.

“My actions during the game were out of frustration and emotion, period. They absolutely do not reflect my feelings toward the LGBT community. I did not mean to offend or disrespect anyone.”

Kennedy who is currently in his 18th season as an NBA referee, revealed in a statement on Sunday that he was gay.

“I am following in the footsteps of others who have self-identified [as gay] in the hopes that [it] will send a message to young men and women in sports that you must allow no one to make you feel ashamed of who you are.”

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver responded in support of Kennedy saying that he “wholeheartedly supported Bill’s decision to live his life proudly and openly” but he also believes that “while the league has made great progress, our work must continue to ensure that everyone is treated with respect and dignity.”

It remains to be seen whether or not Rondo will apologize to Kennedy directly. His tweets did not specifically mention the referee.

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