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2013 NFL Mock Draft

With many teams with multiple draft picks, various different types of players, and no single selection at all a full 100% set, this NFL Draft is set to bring quite a few surprises. The best thing about this draft, for NFL aficionados, is that the best selections, and the deepest positions, are the offensive and defensive linemen. The guys that get the worst recognition are about to get a lot. There are a bunch of wide receivers and defensive backs also availbale, but the lack of quarterback interest makes for a better draft in the eyes of people that look deeper than just the statistics of quarterbacks and wide receivers.
Now I don’t expect the draft to go nearly as neatly as it appears here. With the Dolphins having multiple picks in the 2nd and 3rd round, and the 49ers with 15 picks total this draft, they appear to be locks on possible trading options:


Kansas City Chiefs

OT Luke Joeckel – Texas A&M

The Kansas City Chiefs had a horrible season after many expected the team would bounce back. Out of their many needs, they took care of the QB position by trading for Alex Smith, and the offense looks promising with Dwayne Bowe resigning, and Jamaal Charles healthy. The defense got better with the addition of Dunta Robinson and Sean Smith, so the first overall pick narrows down to a few options. After losing Eric Winston to free agency, my pick is Texas A&M Luke Joeckel.

Joeckel is considered the best Tackle of the draft. Eric Fisher is the only one who comes close but it doesn’t look like Fisher will beat out Luke Joeckel for the first overall pick. This selection makes too much sense for a team that wants to get back to the playoff team they were in 2010, and has a new QB that has proven to be very accurate and reliable given the right offensive line protection.


Jacksonville Jaguars

DE/OLB Dion Jordan – Oregon

The Jaguars had the 3rd worst defense, and 4th worst offense, so I guess the priority should be focused on the defensive side first. With almost no acquisitions via free agency, the team that ranked dead last in sacks has a good opportunity to address that in a big manner with only one selection.

A big body with great speed that can also drop back into coverage if need be is an exact fit for the defensive schemes ran in Jacksonville. Sure the Jaguars will need more than one player to look like they are a serious team in the NFL, but Dion Jordan is definitely a great start. One of the most explosive players in college last year, Jordan could become a big presence for the Jaguars.

For the worst pass rushing defensive line in football, getting an explosive pass rusher makes all the sense in the world, but I still keep the option open for OT Eric Fisher. If the Jaguars plan on giving Blaine Gabbert one more chance, then giving him more protection would be the right thing to do. Regardless of what they do, the Jaguars will most likely have another top pick next year.


Oakland Raiders

DT Shariff Floyd – Florida

There is a big hole the Raiders need to take care of in the middle of their defensive line. Sure, its the Raiders, there are like a million holes to take care of, but Floyd’s strength could not only take care of run stopping, but he has the athleticism to be a threat in the pass rush game as well. It is widely belief that Shariff Floyd is the perfect selection for the Raiders at #3 overall.

Floyd covers up the heart of the defense with Desmond Bryant leaving and Richard Seymour doubtful to return. Clearly, this would be the right move for the Raiders, it would be a shocker if they decide to go a different direction.



OT Eric Fisher – Central Michigan

I thought, since the end of last year, the Eagles would need to take care of their defensive issues. Their pass rushing abilities left much to hope for, and even with Nnamdi Asomugha and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, their pass coverage was abysmal at times. However, the Eagles did a great job bringing in Safeties Patrick Chung and Kenny Phillips, while also adding CB Cary Williams and Bradley Fletcher, to replace both Nnamdi and DRC; they also signed DE/OLB Connor Barwin to help with the pass rushing. So while CB Dee Milliner would be an outstanding pick for them, I believe they would go a different direction.

If DE Dion Jordan is in fact taken before the Eagles do, new head coach Chip Kelly would love to have new protection for his quarterbacks, especially since there is still no concrete idea of who will be the starter. Eric Fisher is the only other tackle who can protect the blindside effectively starting from day 1, certainly the only one who can give Luke Joeckel a run for the #1 pick. Chip Kelly would love to have his former player Dion Jordan from Oregon on his new team, and I would not complain if they in fact decide to go with Dee Milliner, but Fisher seems like the right decision with all the hits and sacks that Eagle quarterbacks took last season.



DE Ezekiel Ansah – BYU

Two defensive ends and two offensive linemen were lost during the offseason, which side needs to be addressed first? Cliff Avril was a great player next to Ndamakong Suh, but his departure to Seattle leaves a big need for pass rushers.

“Ziggy” Ansah is a 6’5″ speedy pass rusher that would go quite nicely paired up on the same team as Suh. His versatility and size are definitely intimidating, and it would make the Lions a team no quarterback is happy to face. CB Dee Milliner would be a great addition to the Lions pass protection, but with the Lions re-signing Louis Delmas and Chris Houston while snatching SS Glover Quinn from the Texans, they cannot lose a step without another pass rusher.

Sure they lost 2 offensive linemen, Stafford would be under a bit more pressure, but with WR Calvin “Megatron” Johnson to throw to, and newly acquired RB Reggie Bush to dump it off to, the Lions offense should be just as dangerous as ever.



CB Dee Milliner – Alabama

There are still so many issues with the Browns, but its too hard to pass up on a talent like Milliners. The Browns could use some upgrades at the Guard position, they also need to address Greg Little’s continuous dropping problem, maybe even bring another pass rusher, or could definitely use an upgrade at quarterback, I mean, their 2nd year quarterback is going to be 30 years old soon. Yea, thirty. Great draft pick right?

CB Dee Milliner however, is considered by many the most complete player in the draft this year. The perfect combination of speed, size, and intelligence, Milliner could make an immediate impact in the Browns defense alongside CB Joe Haden. Moving shaky CB Buster Skrine to fill in on specific situations would let the Browns cornerback combination be one of the best in the league, maybe it can be exactly what the Eagles thought their pass defense was going to be.


Arizona Cardinals

DE/OLB Barkevious Mingo – LSU

The Cardinals have a whole bunch of problems. So many that one lone pick at #7 won’t do them much good. They have, however, been pretty content with their new aqcuisition of QB Drew Stanton, and they seem set on passing up on QB Geno Smith. Which I guess eliminates one possible selection. The Cardinals have been active during free agency signing S Yeremiah Bell, RB Rashard Mendenhall, CB Jerraud Powers, DE Matt Shaughnessy, and as previously mentioned QB Drew Stanton among others.

With both OT Luke Joeckel and Eric Fisher gone by this pick, the Cardinals would turn their attention to pass rushing. Mingo can get to the quarterback consistently, which is exactly what the Cardinals need. DT Star Lotulelei is an enticing option, but they need a pass rusher that can play the linebacker position as well. Barkevious Mingo from LSU would be the right pick, someone who could turn into the next Mario Williams.


Buffalo Bills

QB Geno Smith – West Virginia

The Bills have just signed quarterback Kevin Kolb. The sudden release of QB Ryan Fitzpatrick left the Bills in a rebuilding state, one that the Bills thought had avoided when they first signed Fitzpatrick to his 6 year contract extension worth $59 million. The addition of Kolb, for only 2 years, means the Bills will be looking to build something else to come at the league better than ever, if you ask me, they will still be praying this drafts top quarterback falls all the way to them.

Geno Smith hasn’t shown anything that can compare to what we saw last year from Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III, nobody is at their level, that much is obvious. But Smith is clearly the best quarterback of this draft. He doesn’t have the greatest accuracy rate, but he does have a strong arm and the ability to create a play with his legs, though not the legs of Wilson or Kaepernick, they still allow him a good deal of mobility. It is hard to know what Geno Smith can amount to, but working under a quarterback for his first year will help him develop. He is definitely an inconsistent quarterback, he shouldn’t be thrown into the starting spot from day 1. He has been unstoppable and deadly at some games, and inaccurate and sloppy on others. But for a team with no franchise quarterback on their roster, this is the spot for Smith.



OLB Jarvis Jones – Georgia

The Jets could go a few different ways at the #9 spot. Barkevious Mingo is a phenomenal option for them if the Cardinals pass up on them. DT Star Lotulelei is another marvelous option is they decide they need to replace the loss of their Nose tackle.

I however, think they need a better presence. Someone tough to replace what Bart Scott meant for this team. With David Harris standing as the best linebacker at the moment for the Jets, and due a total of $10 million in 2013, the Jets should look at drafting Jarvis Jones. Georgias defense was incredible because of his combination of toughness and quickness, and it was mostly due to Jarvis Jones at the heart of it all. The Jets could develop Jarvis Jones into a big linebacker threat that will play on for years with the team.


Tennessee Titans

OG Chance Warmack – Alabama

The Tennessee Titans have heard Chris Johnson loud and clear. They signed OG Andy Levitre from the Buffalo Bills, a much needed move to replace retired guard Steve Hutchinson. Levitre was the top guard available via free agency this year, so the Titans snatching him was a big move, one that left one more guard spot to be filled.

Chance Warmack from Alabama is a rare talent at the offensive line. He has the size and power to move defenders off the ball and to be a sturdy blocker. His ability to dominate the middle of the line is particularly incredible. Having Andy Levitre and Chance Warmack on the same team will provide QB Jake Locker with enough to continue developing, and Chris Johnson to get back to the running back he can be. OG Jonathan Cooper from North Carolina is also an option. Scouts have had a tough time deciding who is the better option at guard. I’m inclined to say Warmack is the right option for the Titans.



OT Lane Johnson – Oklahoma

Phillip Rivers went from a stud quarterback with incredible statistical prowess trying to become the next elite passer, to a troubled and inaccurate passer with poor judgement in his decision making and a high turnover ratio. The biggest reason to his decline were the loss of his top receivers, with Vincent Jackson moving on and Antonio Gates continuing to deal with injuries, and having injuries to his offensive line pile up throughout the whole year.

The best move the Chargers can do is protect their quarterback. Though an unconventional release, Rivers has been a top quarterback with turnover problems, but high yardage and touchdown ratios as well. The more protection he gets, the less turnovers he will be responsible for. Lane Johnson is the next best tackle after the top 2, and he should not get by the San Diego Chargers, even with their other needs.


Miami Dolphins

CB Xavier Rhodes – Florida State

The Dolphins sent Vontae Davis to the Colts last year for a 2nd rounder, and lost Sean Smith to the Chiefs via free agency, which means the CB position is a big need for them. The loss of Jake Long makes the possibility of selecting an offensive linemen quite appealing but the Dolphins should know they need playmakers now. They just signed CB Brent Grimes and G Lance Louis, but these positions are still in play, big time for them.

CB Xavier Rhodes is definitely not Dee Milliner, but Rhodes is big and physical. Rhodes can get a big hit and is a great pressure cornerback. He could be an excellent corner if he doesn’t have to guard slot receivers. He does have a slow step sometimes, but he adjusts well on coverage and can turn into a great cornerback if he is willing to learn from a veteran cornerback. Grimes gives him the perfect situation for his first year considering Grimes joined the team on a one year deal only.


Tampa Bay buccaneers

DT Star Lotulelei – Utah

Some experts have Lotulelei going #1, and some have him going as low as #15, if he never would have had any heart complications, who knows where he would’ve ended up with Star. The draft is stacked with defenseive tackles but the potential that Star Lotulelei has will be hard to pass up.

CB Desmond Trufant is also a great option here, it ultimately depends on what the Buccaneers do on the Darelle Revis front. They have come out and said that even with Revis, they would go for a cornerback as well, but I don’t see that happening if Lotulelei is still available. Lotulelei is too strong and agile for his size, he would be an incredible addition to a team that lost their pass rusher.


Carolina Panthers

DT Sheldon Richardson – Missouri

Another big player for Star Lotulelei, the Panthers will be sad to see him go one pick before them. But like I said before, the defensive tackle position is the deepest in the draft. Sheldon Richardson from Missouri has been battling Lotulelei for the top spot as a Defensive tackle, some believe he is as well.

DT Sheldon Richardson is strong enough to tackle anyone and fast enough to catch runners going towards the sideline. He has great size and agility to go along with a deadly first step that allows him to get to the backfield pretty quickly. The one issue with Richardson is his upper body strength, he might lose his balance in key situations, definitely not ideal if he ends up in the ground, but thats easy to work with.


New Orleans Saints

DE Bjorn Werner – Florida State

The Saints went from elite, to barely a playoff team. After the, I guess we have to say alleged Bounty Gate scandal now, the Saints started the season 0-4 and never got on track. Their defense was the worst in the league, and yardage wise, the worst in history. They need a lot of help on that side of the ball and it has to start with the pass rushers. It felt like if the Saints rushed 8 and dropped back 10, they still wouldnt get the quarterback.

I don’t think Barkevious Mingo or Star Lotulelei fall to them, so I have to go with Bjorn Werner. While Werner has fallen in some mock drafts by the NFL experts, I still think Werner can go to the Saints. With great size, he can bully linemen into their quarterbacks and has great anticipation to put his hands up and bat passes down. Werner could be a great addition to a Saints team in need of a pass rusher. He can be great in the 3-4 with Cameron Jordan on the other side.


St. Louis Rams

S Kenny Vaccaro – Texas

The Saint Louis Rams are in need of wide receivers and safeties. Lost safety Craig Dahl in free agency, and lost both wide receiver Danny Amendola and Brandon Gibson to the Patriots and Dolphins respectively. I think this draft is stacked with wide receivers, so the Rams have a very good chance to take the best safety available with their first of two picks in the first round.

S Kenny Vaccaro is a very solid open field tackler, definitely not scared to shed one blocker to the side and make the hit on the running back. He is very good defending slot receivers and he is excellent protecting half the field in a cover 2 defense play. He doesn’t have a huge burst of speed, and isn’t incredible covering the whole backfield by himself, but he has great change of direction ability, and great hands to make catches, even across his body.



WR Cordarelle Patterson – Tennessee

The Steelers have many needs. Lost a lot of key players during free agency. They will be waiting for Jarvis Jones to fall to them, but if he doesn’t they will need to fill the void left by Mike Wallace. It’s a big hole.

Patterson was a dynamic player for Tennessee last season. Patterson became the first player in NCAA history to score a touchdown four different ways. He was an explosive receiver with 778 yards and five touchdowns, was used extensively in the running game with 208 rushing yards on just 25 carries, he also returned one punt for a touchdown, and perhaps his most dangerous quality was the kick return where he had 671 yards and a touchdown on just 24 returns, a school record of 1858 all purpose yards. Patterson is incredible at creating separation on vertical routes and is great at making turns and spins to make short passes and slants in to longer gains. The Steelers in my opinion, would be lucky to get the best wide receiver available.


Dallas Cowboys

OG Jonathan Cooper – North Carolina

Dallas just signed Tony Romo to a monster extension. It is only logical to make his life easier by protecting him. If he has enough time, the game will be on his hands, and he can be very dangerous.

Jonathan Cooper has battled with Chance Warmack to know who is the best guard in the draft. I think Warmack is the better one, but Cooper is not far behind. He is a complete game changer on the offensive line. Cooper’s strength combined with his size are unnatural. He’ll need a little more work being a perfect pass protector, but he is ready to start and make a huge difference. Its exactly what Tony Romo needs, that offense is incredibly stacked.



OT D.J. Fluker – Alabama

The Giants are going to be quite disappointed in this pick. Not because it is a bad one, but because they have a special need at every defensive position. Manti Te’o would be nice here, a few linebackers would be great options as well, but I don’t think they’ll be as big different makers as the Alabama tackle can be.

David Diehl was horrific, and I am not joking about that, just horrible. D.J. Fluker stands tall and mighty at 6’5″, he is not someone you easily mess with. He has great length and hustle which allows him to keep up with fast pass rushers. Fluker had to play his whole college career against the best pass rushers, he is ready for the next level. Eli Manning could definitely use the extra protection considering he wasn’t himself last season, and with the loss of Ahmad Bradshaw at running back, a better offensive line for the young backs will be greatly appreciated.


Chicago Bears

ILB Manti Te’o- Notre Dame

Boy wouldn’t this pick be interesting. Wherever he goes it’ll be really interesting. Te’o went from the best defender in college football, to a troubled, slow linebacker who’ll have to work extremely hard to matter in the higher level.

Well the Chicago Bears bring an interesting opportunity to the table. Losing Brian Urlacher, however big a step he had lost, is going to be tough to replace. If Te’o can go back to the linebacker who only missed 2 tackles prior to the national championship game, then the Bears have their new linebacker. Lance Briggs has a lot to teach Manti and if they Bears are willing to take a risk to fill a big need in this tough defense, Te’o could be it. He is the hardest player to predict a landing spot, I predict Chicago.


Cincinnati Bengals

OLB Alec Ogletree – Georgia

The Bengals are another team that can go multiple ways. If they happen to think that RB Eddie Lacy is their final piece to make their offense more dynamic, then hes a great value pick. If they can’t find a way to re-sign Andre Smith, then they have to think about a OT. And as I previously had thought, Safety Jonathan Cyprien from Florida International would be a great fit to a team that needs toughness beyond the front 4.

But then my mind turned to OLB Alec Ogletree from the Georgia Bulldogs. The Bengals had no choice but to re-sign linebacker Rey Maualuga who, besides much promise, was an awful linebacker and a definitely problem in their defense. If Maualuga was resigned, it most likely means that he will make a move to strongside linebacker rather than the middle. If Vontaze Burfict is moved to the middle, then Alec Ogletree is a perfect fit for the Bengals. Will he drop that far?



WR Tavon Austin – West Virginia

The Saint Louis Rams will be thrilled if they can snatch Tavon Austin. With Chris Givens and Brian Quick at the top of the depth chart, Austin would be a great playmaker to add to Bradford’s arsenal. I should probably change the word arsenal to … single player. Besides newly acquired TE Jared Cook, the team is filled with inexperienced players.

Tavon Austin, surprised everyone with his blazing speed during the combine. He is the kind of player than can make the now famous “hey diddle diddle, Ray Rice up the middle” play a thing of the past. He can be used as Percy Harvin and Randall Cobb at wide receiver, or used from the backfield he could be like Darren Sprolles or C.J. Spiller. Sure he improved his draft stock during the combine, which means his weaknesses are still there, not the greatest hands, and no strength at all. But for an incredible slot player with the capabilities to take short plays for big gains, I’m pretty sure the Rams will take the chance.



WR Keenan Allen – California

The Vikings picked up Greg Jennings to replace Percy Harvin, a huge boost for them. If they plan to move forward with Christian Ponder as their starting quarterback, or even giving Matt Cassel a chance, they are going to need more help.

Keenan Allen, in my opinion, is a very reliable receiver that could turn out to be a N.1 receiver on a team. He has great hands and great size, not to mention he is a great route runner. He lacks the speed to be a threat going down field, but toss him the ball in the air and hes likely to come down with it. He is not the best play maker that is true, but he is truly reliable and as solid as can be. The Ravens probably hope he falls down, he can be the next Anquan Boldin.


Indianapolis Colts

OT Menelik Watson – Florida State

Andrew Luck proved he was worth all the hype. The #1 overall pick of the 2012 draft took the 2-14 Colts, to a 11-5 playoff team. If the Colts want to move forward with success, Andrew Luck has to be in the center of all that.

Keeping him protected must be the important thing to take care of, and OT Menelik Watson makes sense. The tackles are flying off, so Watson will be a great pick, and he fits the top need of the Colts. He is a 6’5″ athletic freak. Not a perfect blocker, and he will cause a few unnecessary penalties, but he has great quickness and is able to block at the second level. He definitely makes the Colts better, especially if they can find a way to polish his skills.



DT Sylvester Williams – North Carolina

The Vikings need to fill a few voids in defense. They need a middle linebacker, could use more depth at cornerback with the loss of Winfield, and they could address the front line as well.

Sylvester Williams has a huge frame and a lot of strength. He lacks speed, but with Allen, and Robinson at the extremes, hell get just enough pressure to allow them an easier path to the quarterbacks. He has the ability to bend and shift his body to exploit the middle holes, but still is unable to push linemen into their quarterback consistently. He is still a big presence at the line and a good run stopper.



RB Eddie Lacy – Alabama

I don’t know if the Green Bay Packers are tired of it, but I am certainly tired about hearing how bad their running game is, and how they need to take care of that to get back to the Super Bowl contenders they were 2 years ago.

With the loss of Greg Jennings, and the general belief that they won’t get a wide receiver to replace him since they already have 3 great wide receivers with a very good tight end, the door is open to get a play making and elusive running back. Eddie Lacy from Alabama showed how dominant he could be against any defense in college. Lacy has great patient, a huge burst of speed, and tremendous agility. He also has decent hands out of the backfield, and great eye for running between the holes. Eddie Lacy could be the next great running back to do the Lambeau leap, if he can reach it.



WR Dreandre Hopkins – Clemson

The Texans are one of the most balanced teams in the NFL. Signing Ed Reed covered the only major issue for them after losing SS Glover Quinn to the Lions. They could use some help at tackle or guard, and some good linebackers would help out the lone Brian Cushing, who is injury prone I may add.

But after releasing WR Kevin Walter, the Texans could use another wide receiver option beside Andre Johnson. It has been quite a while since Matt Schaub had a 4th option to pass it to. If it wasn’t AJ80, nor Owen Daniels, and the dump off to Arian Foster wasn’t there, then might as well run. Deandre Hopkins is an incredible route runner with great speed off his cuts. He has decent size though hes not the ideal height of a top receiver. He is still however, great at spotting the ball and getting in the right position to make the catch, he can be as solid a possession receiver as we’ve seen, another Michael Crabtree if the Texans develop him that way.



CB Desmond Trufant – Washington

The Broncos have to be thrilled if Desmond Trufant lands at the 28th spot. The need for a cornerback isn’t their top priority, but I am sure they are looking at signing a defensive end to replace Dumervil, and praying they get another Safety to replace the inept Mike Adams.

Trufant will get to learn from Champ Bailey, the Broncos should be thrilled about that. With Rodgers-Cromartie set for free agency next year, the Broncos could definitely use the opportunity to teach a cornerback how to improve before sending him out there full time.


NE Patriots

DT Jesse Williams – Alabama

By re-signing Aquib Talib and Kyle Arrington, as well as signing safety Adrian Wilson, the Patriots allow themselves to improve their front seven. Dont’a Hightower and Jerod Mayo have been working well next to Brandon Spikes, and Ninkovich and Chandler jones have turned out like two reliable defensive ends, so it is time to add a force next to Vince Wilfork.

Jesse Williams fits the player Bill Bellichick loves to use in his defense. He has the size and versatility to work in the complicated schemes that the Patriots like to use. If Sylvester Williams falls to them, I think the Patriots would go that way, but Jesse Williams still presents a nice opportunity to fill a hole in the defense.



CB Johnthan Banks – Mississippi State

The Falcons lost both cornerback Dunta Robinson and Brent Grimes to the Chiefs and Dolphins. They will need a new cornerback if they want to get to the Super Bowl. Most of them will be taken by this point, but Banks could work.

Johnthan Banks has the size and athleticism to beat receivers and become a starting cornerback. Eventually a #1 cornerback if developed the right way. The thing is, the Falcons need him to develop quickly. 1 game, actually 1 half, hell make it one quarter away from the Superbowl, the Falcons have no time for development, they need starters, they need playmakers, and they need them now.



SS Jonathan Cyprien – Florida International

If the top 4 cornerbacks are gone at this point, the 49ers will have to go look at the safety position. However, the 49ers have 15 picks this draft, and there is no way they use all of them. They don’t need that many things. My thinking is they trade up, no way of knowing yet though. Losing S Dashon Goldson is big for this team, a team that lives off their toughness and intimidation on the defensive side. Goldson became known for his great coverages and monster hits. You did not want this guy coming towards you at full strength. Now they’ve lost that.

Safety Jonathan Cyprien is the hardest hitting safety in the 2013 class. He has great build and is great in zone coverage. He doesn’t have the quickest step and lacks the recovery speed needed when he takes the bait on a cross rout or play action, but his ability to cover the zone is incredible. He is also a secure tackler which is an underrated trait in a defensive back. It’ll be quite incredible seeing both S Matt Elam or Eric Reid miss the first round, but Cyprien fits the description of a 49ers player.


Baltimore Ravens

ILB Kevin Minter – LSU

Baltimore lost so much after losing the Super Bowl, but that can’t be their main concern. They won the Super Bowl surprising everyone, even Ravens fans were astonished. The loss of Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Dannell Ellerbe, Paul Kruger, Cary Williams and Bernard Pollard are not easy to repair, but the Ravens have done a great job to start off. Snatching Dumervil from Denver, Michael Huff to replace Reed, and Marcus Spears and Chris Canty on the pass rush, are great new additions.

Kevin Minter is the best player available to fill one of the biggest needs for the Ravens. The Inside linebacker position is weak now, Terrell Suggs is going to need company, and I am willing to bet Minter would love to have Suggs as a mentor. Minter is great at sniffing run plays, and incredible at spotting the hole. He does not mind running through blockers and has great hands to get the tackles for loss. Not the greatest in zone coverage, and stays flat footed when he can’t figure out the play, but Minter can work around that.

Nobody is going to be 100% on these selections. It is clear that many trades are going to be made, wouldn’t be surprised if this is a record year for trades during the draft. But here, we highlight the top needs of every team and what they could do to get better if trading wasn’t allowed.

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