Friday 15th February 2019,

Gronk Offers Couple $10K to Have Sex In Front Of Everyone

Gronk Party

We’ve seen what Gronk can do on land, now he’s taken his antics to the sea. This weekend was the maiden voyage of the Gronk Party Ship.

As you would expect from a four-day boat party hosted by Rob Gronkowski, there was a lot of partying. The Gronk Party Ship took fans from Miami to a private island in the Bahamas…Gronk Island.

According to some of the social media posts from onboard the ship, it was everything you might have imagined and more.

You had Flo Rida teaching old ladies how to dab on the beach:

Flo Rida teachin' all the babes on Gronk Island to dab. (Amazing video credit to Leah!) #MardiGronk

A video posted by Sarah Spain (@spain2323) on

Gronk showing off his dance moves:

Latergram: Gronk is very serious about his offseason dance training program. #MardiGronk

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And in true Gronk fashion he even offered a couple $10,000 to bang in front of everybody.

But with all this craziness and partying one lucky couple managed to get engaged. That’s one proposal they won’t soon forget.

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