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30,000 Fans Expected for Tim Tebow Easter Service

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April 8, 2012 Dr. Hut Hut Hike

New York’s latest Jet is sure to be a big hit on Broadway and if he can draw fans to the Meadowlands like he does on his personal time you can bet the Jets will be the most popular team in the NFL next year.

tebow of liberty

The Tebow of Liberty!

An estimated 30,000 fans are expected to show up in Texas to join Tebow for a 20 minute outdoor worship service for Easter this weekend.

That’s crazy!  It’s not like he hasn’t talked to Jesus before.

[via] One of the biggest names in sports who also happens to be a devout Christian is heading to Georgetown for Easter Sunday.

On Wednesday, the first signs of Tim Tebow fever hitting Georgetown could be seen on 60 acres at the Celebration Church. Scaffolding and trellises were erected Wednesday on the church’s property for the Tebow visit.

The New York Jets quarterback will speak for 20 minutes during an outdoor worship service that could draw as many as 30,000 people for the Easter Service beginning at 10 a.m.



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