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Are You Ready For This? Redskins 1986 Fan Rap

art monk

April 21, 2012 – Capt. Gridiron

Oh, the mid-80’s were such a simpler time. The NFL was coming into its own as the popularity of the sport and the Super Bowl reached record numbers. Uniforms were loose and tacky without much thought to style or functionality. The rival USFL had lost its way and the new music of rap was taking hold in mainstream culture.

That meant it was alright to do things like this. Several teams including the Bears with their Super Bowl rap had found success with the fans by rocking the Keytar and gathering the players to bust a rhyme. Today, these rap videos are hard to stomach which is why it’s such delicous awesomness to find videos like the 1986 Redskins rap called “Thanks 12th man.”

Before Dan Synder bought his franchise all the way to the cellar, the Redskins had a nice run of success in the 80’s with two Super Bowl wins including one in the 1987 season. So this video must have done something because they did win the big game the next year.

In 1986 the ‘Skins were powered by Art Monk, Charles Mann, Darrell Green, Jay Schroeder and head coach Joe Gibbs (before he retired for the first time). And If you are ready, and I think you are, prepare to witness something you have never witnessed before…

Here is a music video from 1986. This video features the 1986 Redskins in a Thanks to the fans! This was part of the 75th anniversary Giveaway to fans. Enjoy the dance moves. Hail to the Redskins!



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