Tuesday 22nd January 2019,

Brandon Browner ‘Enraged’ By Question, Had To Be Held Back


New Orleans Saints cornerback Brandon Browner threw a fit in the locker room after a reporter asked about a play that happened in the first half of the Saints’ 34-28 overtime loss to the Tennessee Titans.

WWLTV’s Lyons Yellin was asking Saints safety Jairus Byrd about the crazy Delanie Walker touchdown. Jairus Byrd answered his questions but Brandon Browner began yelling at the reporter, upset that Yellin was focusing on one play. So the reporter asked him if he’d like to discuss the entire game and that’s when Browner lost it, he became “enraged” and started yelling profanities. Eventually teammate Mike McGlynn encouraged Brandon Browner to leave the locker room.

Brandon Browner responded on Twitter after his outburst started gaining attention.

“There was no run in, I said what I said.” He added that he agreed with Yellin’s story of events, but wanted to say he was not restrained as other reports said. “I never charged [you] or attempted to. But I accept I was wrong today.”

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