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Buffallo Bills Shaking it up

Gino Bernasconi March 31, 2015 NFL No Comments on Buffallo Bills Shaking it up

mccoyWho would have thought that an incredibly unforeseen 9-7 season with no playoff appearance would bring so much change to a franchise. Nobody had a team led by rookie coach Doug Marrone, sophomore quarterback E.J. Manuel, rookie receiver Sammy Watkins, and 2nd year player Kiko Alonso as a 9-7 team but by some miracle the Bills were able to pull off a phenomenal season and stay in contention for a playoff spot all the way to the end. Usually there is a little bit more needed to be built for a 9-7 team to become a serious playoff contender but the Bills decided to go for the more extreme approach to the improvement method.


Spend a lot of money and fill every hole. The Bills have currently spent the most this offseason at $91.5 million and they are still not done with their moves. They brought in experienced head coach Rex Ryan which is certain to help with toughness, especially for the defense. They pulled one of the biggest trades by sending LB Kiko Alonso to the Eagles for Pro Bowl RB Lesean Mccoy with $26.55 million in guaranteed money. They improved the offense even more by signing WR Percy Harvin with a $5.9 million in guaranteed and lured away TE Charles Clay from the dolphins with a $24.5 million guaranteed money offer. Immediately after that they acquired backup QB Matt Cassel as well. Defensive End Jerry Hughes also makes $22.15 million in guaranteed while defensive tackle Kyle Williams makes $4.5 million and that is just the offseason moves. Needless to say there is still more time left for the Bills to make moves and the NFL Draft is filled with incredible talent all across the board.

The Buffalo Bills are not playing around. They truly believe they can compete. At the very least for a playoff spot seeing as how it will always be hard to dethrone the New England Patriots as AFC East champions (even more so now that they are also NFL Super Bowl Champions). Both wild card teams made the playoffs with 10 wins in the AFC, and there were 4 teams, including the Bills, with 9-7 records. It is quite a shake up for a franchise that must be getting tired of getting ridiculed every season. Even before the season starts it is hard to take the Bills seriously. But at least they’re not the Raiders nor the Jaguars. You can always guarantee a crappy season for both those franchises. Buffalo wants no part of that.

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