Saturday 05th September 2015,

Jets get one man back, Calvin Pace resigns for 1 year

Amid a lot of uncertainty and questioning over every single off season move the Jets have been, or haven’t been, a part of, this is at least a successful one.

Outside Linebacker Calvin Pace has decided to sign back with the New York Jets after being cut by the team on a move to free up cap space. The believe was that he would always sign back, but that has been easier said than done the past few days as we have seen multiple players leave their old teams. Antoine Winfield left the Vikings for the Seahawks, while Elvis Dumervil left the Broncos for the Ravens, on the same type of “release for cap space move”.

Even though Pace is not exactly a top player by any means at his position, this is still a positive move for the team. Definitely leaves the Jets going into the draft on a positive note.

Calvin Pace joins Antwan Barnes as the linebacker signings of the off season for the New York Jets. Bart Scott leaving is a tough hole to fill. It is one of the reasons I have the Jets drafting Georgia’s Jarvis Jones in this Pigskin Doctors NFL MOCK DRAFT.

Calvin Pace definitely lost a step this past season. He was slow against the run, and looked old and done when dropping back in coverage. The Jets should be looking for younger edge rushers, makes Jarvis Jones an even better fit. Pace will fill the void for now and provide experience and knowledge. Jets need to find someone to provide for the future though.

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