Sunday 07th February 2016,

Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Explains Upcoming NFL Lockout on 60 Minutes

Jerry Jones: Will There Be an NFL Lockout?

December 14, 2010 – Capt. Gridiron

Outspoken Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones sits down with CBS’s “60 Minutes” to discuss the upcoming NFL labor

The possibility of the NFL season not playing next year is very close to a reality. It’s a shame, too, that greedy sides on both parties can’t see that they may damage the league on a huge level. There will always be labor/owner struggles. Too bad there’s not a better way to deal with it than a lockout or strike.

Both sides think they are in the right and want more money for themselves and less for the other party.

What’s at stake? Mostly, it’s money. “60 Minutes Overtime” breaks down the dispute between billionaire owners and millionaire players.



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