Thursday 11th February 2016,

Da’ Bears! Buy Your Own Mike Ditka Sweater Vest

Mike Ditka Bears sweater vest

November 25, 2010 – Capt. Gridiron

Ditka Sweater VestThe 85′ Bears are known as one of the best teams to ever win the Super Bowl.  It’s hard to believe it’s been 25 years since this defensive group powered their way to victory. Dang….I’m getting old.

Back in the day coach Mike Ditka was known for wearing a sweater vest with the ‘Bears’ lettering as he walked up and down the sideline.  He was also known for yelling a lot. Well now you can own a piece of history (yelling and cursing opitional) with the Mike Ditka replica sweater vest.

This is the same stylish article of clothing that Ditka even wore on the sideline. Sometimes with a nice jacket because it gets a little nippy in Chicago and you want to stay warm but look good. Help a Bears fan relive the glory days of the 80’s by getting them their very own Ditka sweater vest.  Yup, it’s being brought back.

This is no cheap acrylic knock-off of the classic Ditka Sweater Vest, but is a 100% Wool replica of the Ditka Sweater Vest as worn by Da’ Coach himself, during his epic season of NFL domination (that we from the Windy City, simply know as, the 85′ Bears).

And how could we not mention anything about the 85′ Bears without busting out a clip of Chris Farley and gang doing their tribute to Da Bears. Ahhhh…the Good Old Days when SNL was funny.



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