Wednesday 23rd January 2019,

Dallas Cowboys Bus Involved in Fatal Crash

dallas cowboys

On Sunday the Dallas Cowboys tour bus was involved in a fatal accident on its way to training camp. The bus was carrying staff members who, luckily, were unharmed in the accident.

The crash happened in the afternoon about 180 miles northeast of Phoenix, according to the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS).

Four Cowboys staff members, including a writer, a team mascot, a videographer and the bus driver suffered only minor injuries, but sadly, two adults and two teens were killed in the van.

“According to WFAA’s Joe Trahan, the staff members on board the Cowboys bus were all OK. However, at least four people were reported dead in the accident on U.S. 93 in Arizona, per NBC News Las Vegas.”

According to officials, the van was making an illegal left turn onto U.S. 93 when it collided with the bus.

The team was supposed to do a meet-and-greet in Las Vegas on their way to preseason training camp in California.

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