Wednesday 16th January 2019,

Darius Fleming Saved Woman From Burning Car

darius fleming

Patriots linebacker Darius Fleming was involved in a harrowing roadside rescue two days prior to their win in New England over the Chiefs.

Fleming’s old high school, Saint Rita, he helped saved a woman fom a burning car on Route 1 near Gillette Stadium. He kicked the window down and pulled the woman from the vehicle who had been involved in a three-car accident.

According to Ben Volin of the Boston Globe, Darius Fleming received 22 stitches in his right leg, as a result of a cut he suffered from kicking in the window of the burning car. Volin provided a few more details:

Darius Fleming first went to team trainers for treatment before heading to the hospital.

“She was attempting to kick the window out but she was a small lady,” Fleming said (via the Boston Globe). “I didn’t panic, but I was just like, ‘I got to get her out.’ I tried to break (the window) with my elbow, but that didn’t work, so I just started kicking the window. Eventually it broke, pulled her out, made sure she was OK, and I looked at my leg and I noticed it was bleeding pretty bad.”

“It was a little freaky, but anyone in that situation would’ve done the same thing,” Fleming said. “It’s just, I was there. I’m glad I could help her.”

Coincidentally, his courageous act came almost a year to the day after former Patriots defensive tackle Vince Wilfork pulled a woman out of an overturned Jeep Wrangler.

Defensive captain Devin McCourty had the following to say about Fleming’s heroic actions:

“We have great guys around here, no matter the time. They’re always out in the community trying to save people. Darius was really quiet about it, but once the guys on the team got a hold of it, we forced him to give a speech. He explained it very simple: he saw a woman’s car smoking, and he just jumped out of his car. He’ll admit there were probably easier solutions he could have done, but I think it was nice and dramatic to kick in the window and pull her out.”

Darius Fleming in his fourth NFL season, his second with the Patriots after getting drafted by the 49ers in 2012.

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