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Dirty Suh Stomp

admin November 24, 2011 NFL 1 Comment on Dirty Suh Stomp
November 24, 2011 – Dr. Crackback

Suh stomp gifAre Detroit Lions fans witnessing Haynesworth 2.0?

I know Redskins fans hope not. But defensive stud Ndamukong Suh is starting to bet that way with more and more cheap plays lately.  His latest involved an ejection on the Thanksgiving match vs the Packers which saw Suh repeatedly smash Dietrich-Smith’s head into the ground and then standing up and kicking his cleats into Dietrich-Smith. [GIF via SB Nation]

It’s not the first time Suh‘s gone this route and certainly not his last.

And the excuse is as lame as the act. Lions DT Ndamukong Suh apologizes for ejection but maintains he was just trying to remove himself from a bad situation. OK, whatever.

I dig Suh and his effort and it would be good to see more players show they type of intensity shown by Suh. But there also comes a line that is crossed. Suh will now get that James Harrison bullseye on his back and you can expect possible suspensions and certainly fines to come Suh’s way more often.

Play smarter, not harder Suh.



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