Saturday 15th December 2018,

Dolphins Owner: Adam Gase is Fired if He Doesn’t Make Playoffs in 3 Years

Adam Gase

Coaches don’t last long in professional sports anymore these days. Usually, they’re gone in a handful of years if the team hasn’t improved. Typically, it’s not the coach’s fault, but you can’t fire players.

At the conclusion of the NFL season, the Miami Dolphins hired Adam Gase as their next head coach. They are in a division in which the Patriots routinely win. Even so, the Dolphins owner Stephen Ross doesn’t care. If Gase doesn’t lead the team to the playoffs within 3 years, he’s gone.

“After three years, if we haven’t made the playoffs, we’re looking for a new coach,” Ross said. “That’s just the way it is. The fans want it.”

“Instead of getting a retread that really hasn’t had a great track record as head coach, I was looking for somebody that really could be the next, if you will, Bill Belichick, Bill Parcells, you know, really great head coach, and I think we got one,” Ross said.

H/T: Palm Beach Post

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