Wednesday 10th February 2016,

Drunk Buffalo Bills Fan Falls Down Bleachers

Drunk Bills Fan

December 15, 2011 – Dr. Crackback

Hey man, I feel your pain. If I were in the stands watching my hometown Buffalo Bills, who have had one winning season since Y2K was a thing, I’d be drunk off my butt as well.

This Bills fan has one too many. Hard to imagine from a guy from Buffalo. I know some guys from there and they can hold their beer real well. They can also eat you under the table, too. That’s not to say they don’t get drunk and act like this.

So I can only imagine that this dude must be super tanked and probably has enough alcohol in him to kill most farm animals.

The drunk guy, wearing a Ryan Fitzpatrick jersey, stumbles just like his hero down a few rows after swaying for a bit. I’m sure the people below him are just glad that all the body fluids stayed in him during this time.

Some NSFW language in the video. Oddly enough, not from the drunk guy.



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