Sunday 29th March 2020,

Eagles’ Sam Bradford Thought About Retiring After Last Injury

bradfordretireComing out of Oklahoma and being selected first overall, there were high hopes for Sam Bradford. But after suffering two ACL tears in his short career, Bradford considered retirement following last year’s injury. Sure, he’s plenty young but repetitive set back surely has to weigh on him.

But now he’s in Philly, healthy and hopefully back to continue his career. And it was a former coach at Oklahoma that talked Bradford out of hanging it up.

After yet another ACL injury last season, former No. 1 overall pick Sam Bradford thought about quitting for good.

And if it wasn’t for an old friend and Sooners legend Josh Heupel, who was Bradford’s quarterbacks coach at Oklahoma, he would have.

“It was one of those moments where, after all the time and energy and passion that he poured into rehabilitating himself in the first injury, you feel like you’re snakebitten,” Heupel told the Philadelphia Inquirer. “You don’t know when, if, or how your body is going to respond and what your next opportunity is. You’re really just in a lot of limbo. Sometimes, I think, just having a voice from an outside perspective is something that can be valuable.”


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