Wednesday 23rd January 2019,

Evan Mathis Taking His Sweet Time


Two time Pro Bowl guard Evan Mathis has yet to decide which team he will sign with. Not for lack of interest of course, as the guard seems to be coveted by at least a third of the entire league.

His agent, Drew Rosenhaus (of course its him, it just had to be, of course), stated that no matter what, they are confident and patient when it comes to finding Mathis the right team to play for during the 2015 season.

We’re prepared to be patient and find the right team, and right situation for him

One of the things that I’ve assured the teams that are interested in Evan is that I’m simply not going to identify who they are, and talk about them because they have a set roster at this point, but there are 10 teams, 10, that have expressed bona fide interest in signing Evan.

I can tell you that this deal will happen at any time, or it may still take between now and training camp to get it done, There are several teams that are in the mix right now, and we don’t want to discourage anybody from pursuing it in the event that there will be collateral damage if they don’t get him

Mathis was rated as the top guard in the NFL in 3 of the last 4 seasons, and insists he was plagued by injuries last season even though he played through them. The talent and skill level are there for Mathis, even though people question his age and step, I believe he is still a guard worth signing for any team in the league.

The problem however is not whether he is talented enough to play for an NFL team, it is whether the money will be there for him. The Philadelphia Eagles released Mathis because he was due $5.5 million in 2015 and reports suggest he is looking to get the same kind of deal from whoever decides to sign him. Graded as the top guard in the league and making the last 2 pro bowls have certainly helped his cause to fight for the money he deserves, though most teams must expect that he will settle for a little less when the time to play comes.

Teams like the Dolphins, Bengals, Lions, and Raiders have expressed interest, or have at least been rumored to be interest in the guard. Most of these teams make sense but cap space will definitely come into play for all these franchises. Plus the deal will change if Mathis is looking to play for a contending team.

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