Saturday 19th September 2020,

Forget the Super Bowl Winner, Place your Prop Bets!

Forget the Super Bowl Winner, Place your Prop Bets!

Last weekend all of the top offensive teams won their way into the final four remaining in the NFL playoffs. So much for defense wins championships, right? Most online sportsbooks, like TopBet, have the New Orleans Saints as the favorite to take it all and win the Super Bowl.

But TopBet and other books also have some hilarious prop bets starting regarding what might happen at the Super Bowl this year. The obvious ones will obviously be about the best ads, or the random game stats. But what about ‘Total Donald Trump Tweets During Super Bowl 53’ or ‘Nielsen USA Household Rating for Super Bowl 53’. Some are hilarious and some are just random, but nonetheless betting on these prop odds make watching the game a bit more exciting for an average fan.

Some prop bets in the past have been a bit more offside. Such as last year when bookmakers were taking in prop bets over whether or not players would get injured, and how badly. I saw one prop bet last year about whether or not a player would leave the game due to a concussion. Pretty morbid right? NFL has enough issues with concussions.

One of my favorites from last year thought was how many times Gisele Bundchen, wife of NFL superstar quarterback Tom Brady, would be shown on the big screen or television broadcast. IMO they couldn’t show her enough though, am I right?

Probably the funniest one I have seen in years past was people betting on what color the Gatorade would be that would get dumped on the winning Coach after the game. Odds had to be stacked heavily in favor of yellow though. When it comes to football, some things are just sacrilegious. Blue Gatorade in the Superbowl? Doubt it.

What are some of your favorite prop bets from year’s past?

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