Wednesday 19th June 2019,

Frank Gore Brings Run Game Back to Indy


Frank Gore brings a veteran and consistent presence to a running game that has been lackluster for quite some time. The Indianapolis Colts are one of the top contenders in the NFL but have always been missing a few things to make it to the Super Bowl and Gore will help with that.

They took care of their defensive woes last season which propelled them to a place in the AFC Championship game against the Patriots. They also took care of the Denver Broncos pretty convincingly to take part in that championship game, but could not do anything against the Patriots. Something was clearly missing and it seems like they realized that defense and an air attack aren’t enough against experienced teams like the Patriots.

This time around, Frank Gore will help the running game and to bring more space for Andrew Luck, who is already projected to be one of the top quarterbacks next year. There was a dire need for a wide receiver even though T.Y Hilton and Luck paired up wonderfully in 2014, but the addition of WR Andre Johnson could very well make this offensive attack the most dangerous in the league. Certainly one of the top duos.

It has been quite some time since the Colts had an offensive running game worth fearing. Since Edgerrin James left, the team has never been the same on the running game. Players like Joseph Addai, Vic Ballard, Donald Brown, and Trent Richardson have tried to take on the load and bring the Colts running game back to the top of the league but they have not been able to.

Since their Super Bowl victory with Peyton Manning, these has been the numbers for team yards/carry, the total rushing yards of their top rusher, and the rank in the league.

2006: 4.0 y/c, top rusher- 1081 yards -17th

2007: 3.8 y/c, top rusher- 1072 yards -27th

2008: 3.4 y/c, top rusher- 544 yards -32nd

2009: 3.5 y/c, top rusher- 828 yards -31st

2010: 3.8 y/c, top rusher- 497 yards -28th

2011: 4.2 y/c, top rusher- 645 yards -18th

2012: 3.8 y/c, top rusher- 814 yards -27th

2013: 4.3 y/c, top rusher- 537 yards -13th

2014: 3.9 y/c, top rusher- 519 yards -24th

Frank Gore on the other hand has surpassed 1000 rushing yards in 8 of 9 seasons. The one season he didn’t surpass the thousand yard mark he only played a total of 11 games and got 852 yards. The epitome of consistency, Gore’s yards per carry has never been worse than 4.1 in any season. His career total is a 4.5 average and with Andrew Luck as a quarterback maybe he would be able to get enough spacing to keep things going even if he has slowed down. That is without even mentioning the reliability factor with Gore since he hasn’t missed a game in 4 years.

Last season, for the little bit that he played, Ahmad Bradshaw showed what a Colts team with a threat at running back could actually do. This time around, Gore should be able to take control of the rushing game while Bradshaw brings in a change of pace and a receiving threat as well. Definitely could be the 1-2 punch that propels the Colts to the Super Bowl.

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