Saturday 30th May 2020,

Greg Hardy’s Twitter Bio: ‘Innocent Until Proven Guilty’


Well it seems that Dallas Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy just doesn’t get it. Less than a week after photographs of the battered woman from his domestic violence case were released, Greg Hardy briefly changed his Twitter bio to portray himself as a victim. His bio read ‘innocent until proven guilty’ and cited ‘ignorance’ for the way he was being perceived.

Hardy quickly deleted the bio within hours of the update and replaced it with lyrics from a song, but thanks to the the internet, screen shots exist.

Greg Hardy’s domestic violence case was only thrown out because his ex-girlfriend Nicole Holder stopped cooperating with investigators after Hardy reached a settlement with her. A look at some of the photos that were released last week by Deadspin will give you an idea of how “innocent” Hardy truly is. Hardy originally told the NFL that Nicole Holder was responsible for her own injuries. He claimed she was drunk and fell down.

Greg Hardy had tweeted an apology for “what happened in past” when photos of Holder’s battered and bruised body were released, but the bio change casts doubt on the sincerity of that message.

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