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Is Marcus Mariota Worth a Shot?

Gino Bernasconi April 28, 2015 NFL No Comments on Is Marcus Mariota Worth a Shot?

mariotaFor a long time we have been trying to figure out if there really is a QB Battle this draft or will it just be QB Jameis Winston going number one no matter what. At this point it is very clear that Winston will go to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers which leaves the Titans wondering what to do.

Marcus Mariota had an unbelievable Heisman Trophy season. He threw for 42 touchdowns and only 4 interceptions, combined with 4454 yards and a 68% completion percentage. His improvement in the passing game didn’t however overshadow his running skills with a total 14 touchdowns on the ground. It was a marvelous season for the Oregon Ducks and Mariota as they went on to get a Rose Bowl victory and an appearance in the first National Playoff Championship.

But is Mariota really worth a shot at a starting position? The Titans certainly need a change in their organization and they will get that with Jake Locker retiring. But is Mariota a good fit for the Titans or the NFL? Will you get a Johnny Manziel or will you get a Russell Wilson type player.

By looking at the Tennessee Titans roster you can easily tell that they have more problems than just a QB one. Mariota will give them a change in look but the team is not built to change their system for him. The Titans should be looking at USC DE Leonard Williams but with the second pick they should think trade trade trade.

Obviously he would need a coach that excelled in a fast paced college system. Like. Let’s say. The Eagles. SHOCKER.

Chip Kelly is definitely interested in a player like Mariota who he coached before joining the Eagles. A mobile quarterback is a hard system to develop but the Eagles are already set to excel at it, plus they could use a quarterback after trading QB Nick Foles. Will they do it? How much are they willing to pay for him?

Certainly a possibility. Mariota isn’t an excellent prospect by any means, but he is an explosive athlete and with the right guidance he can certainly surprise some people. Under the right system he can be a great addition to the NFL and a joy to watch.

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