Sunday 20th September 2020,

Jamaal Charles Looking for Big Year and a OPTY Award

jamaalcharles2014 was a very frustrating season for RB Jamaal Charles. After being one of the most consistent and durable players in the league, Charles had to deal with an injury and offensive line problems. Though he still played the whole year, he was in uncharted territory when it came to playing while hurt.

Charles is an incredibly efficient running back and his numbers more than prove it. He broke Jim Brown’s record for yards per carry with 5.82 over Brown’s 5.22. He ran for 1509 yards in 2012 and 1287 in 2013. He does more than that however, he has 105 catches in those 2 seasons and just under 1000 yards combined receiving. He was the epitome of an all around running back. He will say he didn’t have a good year in 2014 and even then he managed 1033 yards and 5.0 yards per carry while grabbing 40 receptions as well. He has never had less than 5.0 yards per carry in a season.

“I definitely want them to address that (OL position). I’m not a GM, so I can’t do that job. But it was challenging last year playing with guys — some got hurt, some got suspended. So it was hard playing. I never knew how crucial it was to my career that I needed linemen.

I want to be (AFC) offensive player of the year. That’s always my goal, every year my goal. I want to come back to (Kansas City’s annual) 101 Banquet for the Chiefs award. I want to come back as AFC player of the year. That’s what I’ve been wanting to do. I think I almost got there. Peyton Manning had an awesome season (in 2013), and he beat me out.”

Jamaal Charles isn’t kidding when he says Peyton beat him out. Charles had a whopping 12 rushing touchdowns and 7 touchdowns receiving. Add 70 catches to that mix and 1980 total yards and you have an incredibly candidate for offensive player of the year. Only a record breaking season would be able to beat that, and Peyton had just that. If the Kansas City Chiefs address the offensive line position, you can bet Charles will be among the league leading in scoring and rushing, and certainly a threat to win POTY like he wants.

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