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Jared Allen vs The Rookie Bling

Jared Allen Mullet

May 9, 2011 – Dr. Wedge Buster

Minnesota Vikings defender Jared Allen enjoyed watching the NFL Draft last week but there is one thing on his mind. And if you know about Allen you know he’s not shy about speaking his mind.

Allen recently joined a sports radio show in Arizona to talk football and expressed his unhappiness about the owners causing the lockout.  Also, it turns out that Allen was a tad taken back by the fact that so many players showed up decked out in expensive jewelry and clothing.

The ‘bling‘ did not sit well with the mighty hunter!  The only ‘bling’ Allen owns is his sterling silver and elk bone mullet brush.  Check out the excerpt below or hit up the full interview here.

Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jared Allen has a message for NFL fans. Don’t blame the players, blame the owners.

As a guest of Sports 620 KTAR’s Doug and Wolf Thursday morning Allen vented some frustration on the current predicament he and other players find themselves in currently.

“I’ll be curious to see what happens with free agency,” he told the hosts. “First of all we have to get to this stuff. So if the owners can kind of quit locking us out every time we win to get football back. It seems there’s another road block put in front of us to say ‘we don’t want to play’.

Allen talks about his frustration with the NFL lockout.

“To all of our fans. Us as players, we’re trying to play football. I know people are getting pissed off saying it’s just millionaires and billionaires arguing over money, but there are some other issues to be discussed. The bottom line is players want to play football.”

When they’ll get their chance to play football is anyone’s guess. What is becoming abundantly clear though is that it’s not just the fans who are frustrated with the entire situation, the players are too.
[via Arizona Sports.com]



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