Wednesday 20th February 2019,

Jeremy Maclin Dealing With High Ankle Sprain

chiefs jeremy maclin

Jeremy Maclin left last week’s Chiefs win over the Texans with what appeared to be a knee injury. But as it turns out, Kansas City’s best pass catcher is dealing with an ankle injury, which is making his status for this weekends divisional playoff game versus the Patriots.

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid is relieved it’s an ankle injury and not a knee for Maclin, as he saw Jeremy sustain a torn ACL when they were both in Philly. He’ll likely be out there in New England, but his status is something to watch.

“I’ve got to tell you, it looked the part — he felt like it was, he’s been through a couple of those before,” Reid said. “He thought that’s what it was, it looked that way on the test, but it all worked out. As we made our way back, he didn’t have any swelling or anything, and the docs and Jeremy were like, ‘Whoa, maybe it’s something different.’ His pain started going more down towards the ankle. It’s a positive thing.”

H/T: Kansas City Star

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