Tuesday 19th February 2019,

Jerry Jones: Romo is Still Our #1 Quarterback

Jerry Jones: Romo is Still Our #1 Quarterback


The Dallas Cowboys are rolling at 4-1 and could easily be 5-0 if a few things went differently in their first game. Their success is in large part thanks to rookie QB Dak Prescott who hasn’t even thrown a pick yet this year. He has been more than just a game manager. He has led the team on the serious drives, and the team looks for real. Not to mention that the last two wins came without Dez Bryant. But will this all change?

According to Jerry Jones, the Cowboys are still Tony Romo’s team when he’s healthy enough to start, following his back surgery in preseason. Romo is expected to be healthy in a few weeks and he is supposed to reclaim his spot. You could make the argument that Dallas should just leave well enough alone. It’s tough to justify taking Prescott out for Tony, but the team is clearly loyal to Romo. For better or worse.

Owner Jerry Jones reiterated Sunday that when Romo returns, it will be his team.

“Tony is our No. 1 quarterback. We’re going to have the luxury of being able to, I think, see them both,” he said. “I don’t want to presume that Dak is going to be necessarily healthy, I don’t want to presume anything like that. But I welcome the opportunity of having Dak playing at this level and Tony back in excellent health. It’s going to be really special for the Cowboys.”

H/T: NFL.com

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