Wednesday 20th March 2019,

Jets Get Leonard Williams, Win Big

williamsThe draft is quite an unpredictable event. Players can fall or rise at any moment, but it is not always that arguably the best player in the draft falls to N.6 overall. As soon as the Jets saw DL Leonard Williams dropping to them, they saw a clear possibility to make a huge difference for the team in this draft and they did just that.

Leonard Williams is most definitely going to be a force that offenses will have to plan for, but the Jets didnt stop there. WR Devin Smith is a great complement to new addition WR Brandon Marshall and already solid WR Eric Decker. Smith’s deep threat should be a great complement to that core and should be able to elevate the play of QB Geno Smith. There will certainly be no more excuses for Smith and his poor growth and improvement.

With 3 picks all off trades, the Jets took 3 fantastic prospects in DE Lorenzo Mauldin who will have a ton of help to grow before taking on a bigger role, a good offensive line who could grow into a formidable role and a great value pick for the fifth round in OL Jarvis Harrison.

Best of all, the Jets traded up in the draft to select quarterback prospect Baylor’s Bryce Petty who has a fair chance at learning from Smith’s mistakes and take the job for himself. There have been many teams looking at Petty’s potential and natural talent, so for the Jets to take Petty in round 4 it was a huge victory because of the low risk involved.

Their biggest problem was their inefficient offense. The defense faltered down the stretch as well but Smith never looked comfortable and the Jets offense was never taken seriously even with the weapons they bolstered. Seems like the Jets have made enough moves and changes this off season to bring a new mentality to the team while also staying true to their brutality powerful defensive mentality.

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