Monday 24th September 2018,

Jets Quarterback Dilemma Has a Front Runner


It has been quite an offseason for the New York Jets. Right from the start it seemed like the Jets knew they needed to clean house and start anew. The system and pieces just didn’t look like they were working out. They got rid of their head coach, brought a new system in, and a ton of star power players to lead the team. And then there is Geno Smith.

Yup, Geno Smith.

Somehow, Geno Smith has found a way to pulled himself to the front of the quarterback competition even though 31 other teams probably believe he’s out of chances. The moment WR Brandon Marshall was acquired, the Jets traded a draft pick for Houston Texans quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, and it seemed like the end of the Smith era finally arrived to spare the life of many New York Jets fans with heart problems. Fitzatrick was even reunited with his coach in Buffalo when he moved to New York, making it even more probable that he was going to be the shot caller. Fitzpatrick had a 17-8 TD:INT ratio compared to Geno’s 13:13 or 12:21 the year before. It seems however, that Geno Smith still holds an advantage over Fitzpatrick.

For all the receiving core to get together to practice and develop chemistry before training camp, and only invite one single arm to training, means the Jets must be serious on letting Geno Smith get another shot at this whole NFL career thing. Smith did show a good connection with Eric Decker as the season went along, and with Marshall’s presence on the field, the excuses for the Jets should be absent.

Fitzpatrick has shown great veteran quarterback play with the Texans and will be ready to steal the job away from smith, but for the meantime it seems the team is onboard with letting Geno call the shots. The offensive pieces aren’t bad considering WR Jeremy Kerley is more than just a decent wide receiver at the #3 spot, and the tight end duo of Jace Amaro and Jeff Cumberland helped the Jets in the red zone. The offensive line isn’t perfect, but there’s enough weapons to see some improvement in the offense.

Will it be the right move to keep Geno Smith at the helm of the offense? Considering his track record I wouldn’t expect much. But with the additions the Jets have made on defense, Geno should have less pressure on his shoulders to make something happen out of nothing, and he should have better field positioning throughout games than he has had in the past. This might turn into false hope for the Jets, but sometimes, it is all you have to go on.

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