Wednesday 19th December 2018,

Johnny Manziel’s Attorney Quits After Text Screwup

Johnny Manziel’s Attorney Quits After Text Screwup

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Johnny Manziel’s attorney who accidentally texted an AP reporter sensitive information about Manziel has quit.

In an epic screwup the attorney texted about Manziel’s domestic violence case, alleged drug use and more. The reporter had reached out to the attorney for a comment about the hit-and-run case but instead received a message not meant for him. Manziel’s attorney, Bob Hinton, threatened to sue the reporter if he published the accidental texts. It didn’t work.

Here are some of the highlights:

– They are seeking a plea deal in the Crowley domestic violence case and the D.A. is “very interested in working with us to arrive at some agreement.”

– Manziel would be in trouble if drug testing was to be performed for the plea deal, saying “Heaven help us if one of the conditions is to pee in a bottle.”

– Reference was made to a receipt for $1,018.77 from a Dallas head shop called The Gas Pipe

– There was also “conflict” as to whether or not Johnny actually went to police after his alleged hit-and-run.

Manziel’s rep, Denise Michaels, has stated that Hinton is no longer part of the legal team.

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