Monday 18th February 2019,

Joseph Randle Hit People With Car Over Beer Pong Match

Joseph Randle Hit People With Car Over Beer Pong Match


More details have emerged regarding former Dallas Cowboys running back Joseph Randle’s arrest. According to police officers a beer pong match was what caused Randle to hit people with his car.

Last month, Randle attended a housewarming party and played a game of beer pong, but an argument broke out over who won the match. This resulted in some pushing and shoving until the other person apologized. He continued to act aggressively and literally had to be pushed out of the home after refusing to leave.

According to TMZ, one of the hosts followed him outside and asked him to leave but instead he jumped in his car and struck him. The man was thrown over the car and as people came out to help him he struck 2 more people. One female victim required hospitalization after losing consciousness.

Joseph Randle was arrested and charged with aggravated battery, threats, possession of marijuana and interfering with law enforcement. He is currently in a Kansas jail on a $150k bond. He is expected back in court next month and will more than likely be moved to a mental health facility.

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