Thursday 13th December 2018,

LeSean McCoy’s Attorney Maintains Client’s Innocence

Lesean mccoy

LeSean McCoy is a little bit of hot water to say the least. He was recently involved in a fight in Philadelphia with an off-duty cop. McCoy didn’t know the other person involved was a cop. That wasn’t revealed until later.

Despite all of that, McCoy’s lawyer is maintaining his innocence. This won’t go away anytime soon and expect the NFL to punish McCoy regardless of what the legal system says.

“We’re awaiting a decision by the DA’s office,” criminal defense attorney Dennis Cogan told the newspaper on Wednesday. “We trust that they are really taking time to consider all the surrounding circumstances. But I’m here to say and I’m telling you that McCoy did nothing wrong, nothing wrong. And he was sober. The questions will have to be asked about the conditions of other people.”


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