Tuesday 19th February 2019,

LeSean McCoy Not Interested in Addressing His Chip Kelly Accusations

mccoykellyLeSean McCoy caused a stir recently when he made some allegations regarding how Chip Kelly handled his roster in Philadelphia. McCoy feels as if he was on the short end of the Kelly stick and voiced his opinion.

For the first time since making those comments to ESPN the Magazine, McCoy was in front of reporters who wanted to do nothing else but ask him questions about those comments. LeSean wasn’t that interested in fielding those questions.

Speaking publicly Wednesday for the first time since accusing Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly of considering players’ race in roster decisions, Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy defended his comments and confronted reporters who pressed him on the subject.

“I don’t have to explain myself to nobody,” McCoy said when asked to elaborate on his assertions. “Nobody. I don’t. I said what I said, said what I felt at the time and I’m done with that.”

McCoy challenged follow-up questions about the issue of Kelly and race.

“Did you just hear what I just said here?” McCoy asked one reporter. “Then why did you … I just told you, I’m not talking no more about Chip Kelly or the Eagles. So I’m done with that. You can ask me about the Bills.”


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