Saturday 06th February 2016,

Miami Dolphins Reveal New Uniform “Evolution”

The Miami Dolphins have approached this offseason by actively pursuing big name free agents, making blockbuster draft-day moves, and now redesigning the team logo and uniform. The previous logo was instituted in 1997 and continued the long standing tradition of an upright dolphin wearing the Miami “M” helmet. The new logo drastically changed the appearance of the team by completely throwing out the classic helmet and turning the dolphin horizontally. This change has been welcomed by the Dolphins fan base with mixed reactions and justifications that claim the dolphin is strongest while in this position. Therefore, the new logo isn’t terrible because of science. You decide for yourselves.

The new uniform unveiling, which the Dolphins organization named their uniform “evolution,” was a spectacle of past, present, and future. Former Miami superstars Bob Griese, Dan Marino, and Jason Taylor made appearances donning their respective uniform styles only to be followed by a flurry of current Dolphins players, led by Quarterback Ryan Tannehill, to display their new jerseys. The event, which took place just minutes before the NFL Draft began on April 25th, was presented with fireworks, smoke screens, and players tossing footballs and goodies to the hundreds of hollering fans. The new uniform offers a dominant teal color which is a bit more blue than what fans are accustomed to, has eliminated all but white pants, and thrown out the orange alternate uniforms. The jerseys are reminiscent of classic looks from the past and particularly the all-white sets have, for the most part, been received positively.

Many have used words such as “sleek” and “traditional” to describe the new Miami uniforms and I feel I would have to agree. Certainly they lack the flare of uniforms such as the new Jaguars kit which could be seen HERE but many would argue that’s a good thing. The Dolphins have done all they could this offseason to change the outlook of their team by changing the roster and the uniform. Fans will undoubtedly argue their opinions over the new look but as Dan Marino said after the new uniform event, “bottom line is it’s about winning. If you’re winning, it all looks good.”

This is a guest post submitted by Giancarlo Angulo: Giancarlo is a Graduate student at Wake Forest University with a bachelors degree from Florida International University. Specialties include Miami Dolphins football, Fantasy Football, and the NFL Draft. Part-time superhero and full-time hungry



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