Thursday 11th February 2016,

Minnesota Vikings unveil New Uniforms

Not like they needed to, but the Minnesota Vikings unveiled their new uniforms for the 2013 season. Nothing major just a few changes to make the uniform a little more modern while still paying a bit of respect to the old era.

The uniform starts with a new helmet with a matte finish. Looks shinier and brighter with added color to the logo. The shirt displays their name right in the middle of the jersey amd above the numbers. The numbers font and size pops a lot more as well. The shoulder displays two lines to resemble the jersey the older teams used to wear. They’re a few nice changes that give the Vikings a little bit more attention that they are getting, and they should be getting it.

It is a nicer look for a team who just came off a great season, a 10-6 spot in the playoffs, and the reigning MVP award to Adrian Peterson. Imagine what the Vikings could do with a top quarterback, I guess we’ll have to see.



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