Wednesday 10th February 2016,

Monday Morning GIFs Slap Up Big Ben

Aaron Rodgers Smiles

November 22, 2010 – Capt. Gridiron

Brett Favre and Co. hosted the Green Bay Packers this week and I think a lot of people, Aaron Rodgers included, are enjoying the downfall of the cocky Favre. With that in mind let’s check out our Monday Morning GIFs.

Suh Hair

Hairpulling in the NFL? Maybe the Lingerie Football League….The Lions Ndamukong Suh makes a tackle on Marion Barber of the Cowboys. Not a big deal, right? Turns out that Suh brought Barber to a stop by tugging on his long locks of hair. Time for a haircut.

That's his hair

We all know that the hair is part of the uniform, right? Apparently not the refs. Suh was called for a horsecollar tackle which is just bad officiated. Tell us again coach, what did he grab?

Richard Seymour hits Big Ben

It’s the top of the hour. I know because the big hand just struck Big Ben. Oakland’s Richard Seymour was ejected this Sunday for doing to the Steeler’s Ben Roethlisberger what every fan would like to do: Bitch slap him. And the Academy Award for Best Acting goes to….

Chiefs onside kick gif

The wind robs K.C. of an onsides kick. Or did it? Kicker Ryan Succop demonstrates his manly prance after the ball falls off on the tee.

Lance Moore animated gif

Reggie Bush was unable to make an appearance in the Saints game against the Seahawks but it didin’t matter. The Saints easily rolled over the ‘Hawks and plays like this didn’t hurt. Lance Moore makes one of the nicer catches of the weekend with this one-handed grab along the sideline.

Jets Ryan enjoys Streaker

You just don’t see too many streakers anymore in games. Thankfully, this guy in New York kept his clothes on but that didn’t take away from Jets coach Rex Ryan’s enjoyment of the situation.



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