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Monday Morning NFL Gifs Finally Get Here

NFL Animated Gif

December 20, 2011 – Capt. Gridiron

Ok, I know. It’s now Tuesday and I’m late. That happens as the holidays are getting busy now. So here we go with Monday Morning GIFs,…on a Tuesday.

Sigh…what’s next? No Cheerleader gallery? Hell no!

Broncos Halftime Show

NFL Animated Gif

As you know, Tebow played this weekend against the Pats. If you can get past the announcers talking about Tebow you would see this gem at halftime. The Denver Broncos had a monkey riding a dog! Seriously. This happened and it was, for me anyway, the highlight of the game.

Bradshaw’s Fantastic Catch

NFL Animated Gif

The Giants are now at that time of the year when their mistakes might cost them the playoffs. The ‘Skins thumped them hard on Sunday but now the Eagles and Cowboys are looking to slip ahead of the Giants who were once in the NFC East lead. But don’t tell Bradshaw, who makes this stellar catch.

Tom Brady Gets Crushed By Elvis Dumervil

NFL Animated Gif

Tom Brady has had an excellent game for the New England Patriots against the Denver Broncos, but this particular third quarter play was not his best highlight. Despite the fact that Elvis Dumervil was rushing Brady on his right side, Brady didn’t appear to see him. Then, he got absolutely crushed. [via SB Nation]

Big Guy TD Run

NFL Animated Gif

Red Bryant of the Seahawks takes a stroll into the endzone as the ‘Hawks route the Bears this weekend. I love to see the big guys roll like this!

Sneaky Panthers

NFL Animated Gif

What….? Check out the slight of hand as the Panthers slip past the Texans and Cam Newton slips the ball to the fullback between his legs.

Jackson High Fives the Ref

NFL Animated Gif

Vincent Jackson and the Chargers easily beat the Ravens which gave WR Vincent Jackson the excitement to high five the ref.

Romeo is Excited

NFL Animated Gif

Romeo takes over the Chiefs and gets his first win against the undefeated Packers. You can just tell it was a huge win by Romeo’s excitement level here. Yes, this is actually a GIF and not a still picture. You can even see him blink every now and then.

Aaron Curry Smash

NFL Animated Gif

Aaron Curry gave his team a big lift in the fourth quarter against the Detroit Lions. Curry picked up a Matt Stafford fumble and returned it six yards for a touchdown. And how did he celebrate?

He celebrated like anyone would: punching the padding on the goalpost. [via SB Nation]



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