Tuesday 09th February 2016,

Best Touchdown catch of 2012-2013 NFL season

The Tennessee Titans haven’t had much to cheer all season long. Matter fact, its been a while since the Titans had a lot to cheer about. The 2008 season was the last one that saw the Titans make the playoffs, and at least the year after that they had running back Chris Johnson cross the 2000 yard mark. But besides that, the Titans have had to watch the Colts and Peyton Manning, and now the Texans and Matt Schaub, dominate the AFC South with incredible plays and winning seasons, while they see all their bright spots go wrong and keep waiting for a spark.

With their best wide receiver Kenny Britt dealing with injuries and off the field problems, a young tight end not living up to his potential, a star running back having trouble with consistency, and a young quarterback trying to minimize mistakes, the Titans have their share of issues. Lets not even mention the defense.

But then there was Nate Washington. How he pulled this catch is hard to describe. Actually, describing it doesn’t even give it justice. I’ve had an easier time making one handed catches. Hell, diving catches have also been much easier to get than leaping, reaching receptions over a cornerback. Sure CB Jacob Lacey is 5-10′ compared to the 6-1′ Washington, but that takes nothing away from the concentration, the body control, and the focus to make the catch and keep running while Jacob Lacey is oblivious to what just happened and where the ball is. To me, this catch is definitely more exciting than Vick Ballards. Ballard’s had better implications to the game, seeing at how it was the game winning touchdown in OT, but Washington’s degree of difficulty is much harder than diving forward. Ballard twisting in the air was a little unnecessary, at worse the Colts would’ve gotten the ball back at the 1 yard line, boo hoo, right?



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  • Lyzzerg

    HA!! Look at the CB not knowing what the hell happened