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News of UFL Resurrection Just in Time for Easter

UFL is dead

April 7, 2012 – Capt. Gridiron

It’s somewhat fitting that the UFL, long thought to be dead, would give fruit to rumors of a return just in time for Easter weekend.

The United Football League, which lost a reported $120 million in its first three years, was designed as an alternative to the NFL with its summer schedule. When the NFL Lockout loomed last year, the UFL thought it was poised to step in and fill in the void of lost football games. But with debt and bad management, the UFL had trouble even opening the doors and all looked lost.

[Via] Despite the resignation of commissioner Michael Huyghue, losses of more than $120 million in its first three years and rumors that it would fold, the UFL will return in 2012, league founder Bill Hambrecht said Friday.

“We’re moving forward,” said Hambrecht, the Las Vegas Locomotives’ owner. “We fully expect to play.”

An official announcement is expected around May 1. The league will conduct a meeting April 16 in Las Vegas to finalize plans for the season.

Hambrecht said the five-team UFL will play primarily on weekday nights beginning in mid-September and is expected to have a national television contract.

The league will consist of Las Vegas, defending champion Virginia, Omaha, Sacramento and an expansion team, most likely in San Antonio, though Southern California and Portland, Ore., have been discussed.

The UFL reportedly has cut a deal for games to be aired on the CBS Sports Network (Cable 333). Each team also is trying to sign a regional TV deal with a cable operator in its area.

“We believe we have a media deal in place,” said Hambrecht, who would not comment on the CBS tie-in. “With that in mind, we are moving ahead.”

While it sounds like we can’t count the UFL out of the picture just yet, I have a hard time imagining this league being around a few years. Competition from the Arena Football League and CFL will prove hard for the UFL to get ground in a market that isn’t that strong to begin with.



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  • steve desio

    Has the UFL thought about moving its game indoors. The USFL had made many mistakes it was not financially responsible and it attempted to play in the Fall. the UFL intentions of Fall football are different but the result is the same finding a solid fan base and a TV deal.
    After the demise of the USFL it was reincarnated by a group fromthe USFL as the arena football league which was the third longest running pro football league in North america behind the nfl and cfl as it ran for 20 years.
    ten years before the Lockout of the union AFL players in 2009 the AFL made a move to start the league following the super bowl in FEB. This turned out to be a stroke of genius as the league was able to obtain a National TV deal with ESPN/ABC. It also opened the door to allow CFL players to enter the league and improve its talent level as many players played in both leagues. Again the mismanagement of money was the demise of the league as during the lock out the AFL was sold and brought back in a semi pro format paying players 400 dollars a week and no Union.
    The UFL has a great model in place with a 40 thou player salary for the season along with providing housing and more for top name QBs. It also has a chance to make this move while the franchises are still operating with a front office staff, equipment, a pool of players in which to draw from saving money on start up costs as the franchises are still operational.
    Along with the current UFL owners their are two other groups with that can provide the league strong ownership groups to expand to additional teams in major TV markets.
    The first group is the some of the former AFL owners who are still interested in operating a indoor football league in major TV markets. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was the last to pull out when he found that the AFL was to be sold and come back as a semi pro team. The philadelphia Soul was an expansion franchise owned by former NFL Player and current football analyst Ron Jaworski and entertainer John Bon Jovi. Coming into the AFL in 2004 they quickly were commited to putting a pro model into place and arrived at arena bowl. Living in Phila the soul were very popular.
    The second group is new on the football scene but have quickly taken to football by storm, the french province of quebec. Before the return of the Montreal Alouettes in the late 90’s and the start of a college football team at Laval University in Quebec city football was a non factor. since then two other french universities have started football programs Universite de Montreal and Universite de sherbrooke. The CFL signed a new TV deal with canadian sports network TSN and for the first time football games were produced in french on the siter french sports network RDS. the TSN family quickly got all CFL regular season, playoff, and grey cup games shown Nationally on their top network TSN preseason games shown on TSN or TSN2 all Montreal Alouettes games along with all playoff and grey cup games shown in french on RDS. The Laval rouge et Or football program quickly put together a corporate model to support their program with sponsors and a TV deal to show all games on RDS, turning their football program into the best program in canadian college football and also a profitable business. Montreal U and Sherbrooke U the two other french Universities to start football programs beginning in 2002 has quickly become top ten teams. Quebec had even started its on Junior football league as teams from the CJFL and new ones have formed a six team league extending to the capitol city of Ottawa that borders the french quebec City of gatineau. this isthe Ottawa-Gatineau metropolitan region and is forth in population with 1.1 million people behind Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. Aside from the Alouettes all three universite teams and six junir league teams are made up of french canadian population of close to 8 million people mostly from quebec but with 1.3 million in ontario and 350 thosand in the atlantic region. the percentage the french population in this area watching football has risen a whopping 94% over the past decade. and quebec has the most extensive and best football organiztion in all of Canada. 20% of the non import ratio of CFL team rosters are made up of Quebeck citizens mostly french. 32 of the 160 Canadian players in CFL are french speaking from quebec.
    among the three cities that would support an arena team in this french area have all have first class arenas the population to support, and two of them already have potential ownership groups in place.
    Ottawa-Gatinuea region 4th largest in canada has Ottawa 67’s of the Junior A CHL has just added a CFL franchise in Ottawa to his sports enterprise. Along with those two top pro sports they will also be adding a 4th MLS franchise to Canada in Ottawa to play at a brand new stadium. Hunt would most likely jump at the chance to take the synergy model and add another pro sports franchise to his enterprise as Ottawa currently has 19,000 seat Scotia bank place in Ottawa for the NHL senators and a new arena is coming.
    Quebec City and Laval university can also extend its current sports corporation to a new pro indoor football league. With the league not interfering with lavals football season as the CFL would a franchise here run by the corporation would be a logical step as it would provide players from the University a pro league to play in once they have graduated. Also with the connection of RDS and TSN a TV deal would most likely follow for the league. As TSN/RSD shows all CFL games nationally in canada in french and english and produces two games a week on the NFL Network Nationally in the states. With Hunt enterprises and Laval corporation a TV deal will be likely. Quebec city also is building a new arena in hope of obtaining an NHL team but adding a AFL team here would also be logical move for the city. They also currently have colisee pepsi a 15,000 seat arena already in place as home of the Quebec City Remparts of the CHL.
    Montreal the second largest metropolitan population in Canada has the Montreal forum and a 16,000 seat capacity to be the Home of an indoor pro football team. There are no current possible ownership groups for a franchise in Montreal but with a population of 5 million plus and close to three million french this would give a struggling UFL franchise a major city to move to along with a fan base that can more than support it

  • steve desio

    If the UFL were going to move indoors for this february They would have four teams from their current league and three others that would currently have everything needed to get a team in place.

    currently have everything in place as the they are currently operational
    ownership group
    coaching personnel
    front Office
    player personnel scouting department
    players currently with ties to the organization
    marketing department
    Indoor arena-Century Link center capacity 17,000

    ownership group
    coaching personnel
    operating front office
    player personnel scouting department
    players with ties to the organization
    marketing department
    arena – thomas and mack center capacity 16,000
    MGM grande arena- capacity 16,000

    operating front office
    player personnel scouting
    players with ties to the organization
    marketing department
    arena – arco arena 11,000

    Virginaia Hmpton roads
    ownership group
    coaching personnel
    operating front office
    players with ties to the organization
    marketing department
    sponsors – local sponsors would have to be assembled if needed to move. National sponsors could be kept
    arena – hampton roads coliseum seats 10,000 for basket ball making it less for indoor football

    The Virginia franchise does not have a proper field for outdoor pro football either.
    MOVE FRANCHISE – this may be a franchise that would benefit from a move to Montreal

    ownership group Jerry Jones Dallas cowboys also recently owned the AFL franchise before lockout
    Coaching personell
    operating front office
    player personnel scouting department
    players with ties to the organization
    marketing department
    arena – american airlines center

    ownership group jeff hunt sports enterprises ottawa 67’s CHL, CFL CFL AND MLS expansion franchises
    operating front office
    coaching personnel- coaching personnel being assembled for CFL team
    player personnel scouting department for CFL operations
    players with ties to to the team- non as of yet but have players on their radar from CFL scouting
    marketing department in place for combination of teams
    equipment- is most likely already being assembled for CFL franchise indoor franchise can easily be added
    arena- scotia bank place capacity 19,000

    ownership group corporate group for laval football
    coaching personnel – the coprporate group pays the extra laval staff so have access to a pool of coaches
    operating front office- same as the corperate group that is involved with laval football
    player personnel scouting- football scouting department in place for High School players can be expanded for pro players. have knowledge of CIS college football players. QJFL quebec junior players
    Players with ties to the team – laval U players and graduates along with players recruited that went to Montreal, sherbrooke, or english speaking colleges
    equipment – budget for equipment and current equipment for Laval U team
    arena- colisee pepsi capacity 15,000 new arena being built
    TV revenue- the corporate group already has a contract with RDS which would be a huge plus for the league giving them an opening

    really with the exception of an undersized arena in Hampton Roads Virgina the smallest arena in sacromento arco arena would be able to squeeze by with 11,000 the UFL could realistically get this going for seven team this Feb 2013 as the three others i added to the group have all the neccessaties needed to get team ready and would most likely be very interested because of the fact that their would be very little money needed to be spent to start a team.

    The only issue would be the cost of renting an arena too play.
    That would not be an issue for jerry jones in dallas
    most likely would be no problem for jeff hunt in ottawa
    colisee pepsi home of the remparts would most likely have a reasonable deal for the Laval quebec city franchise.

    The ufl teams already have deals set with the stadiums they play in so if there ready to operate for another season renting or making a deal for the local arena should not be much of an issue.
    If Virginia stays in the undersized Hampton rds coliseum the older arena most likely would come at a minimal cost.
    vegas and Thomas and mack would just take the place of vegas u football stadium
    omaho would probably have a similar deal in the stadium to arena switch.
    sacremento however would be moving fro a university facility to a city owned facility.

    TV the Quebec city Laval group would have the connection to make a similar type of deal for the league. RDS for QC in french and TSN for english games with their Broadcast being shown on the NFL network as the only football in feb and march is the new semi pro minor arena league

    Could work

  • steve desio

    After much thought about the UFL moving to February and indoors I still think it is a great idea but not as an arena league but as a league that plays in all domed stadiums and plays regular football.
    When the USFL members reorganized there were not as many enclosed domed stadiums at the time. Now in 2012 there are two classes of enclosed stadiums. the more modern ones with retractable roofs and where all the NFL teams play. Then there are the leftover domes that are still able to play home to a pro football team and are in desperate need of tenants.
    The Silverdome in detroit, Olympic Stadium in Montreal, Alamo dome in San antonio, and tropicana field in orlando st pete.
    Here 4 out of the 5 current franchises could move to these cities and play a scheddule starting in february rite after the Super bowl and have 0 competition fromany other pro football leagues.
    Silverdome is now under personal ownership and has been upgraded and desperatly looking for a pro sports franchise to call home a perfect match. Silverdome gets a tenent and UFL gets a stadium with a reasonalbe lease that was made for football.
    Montreals Olympic stadium is still in use for CFL and MLS games in Montreal where large crowds are expected. with the february start they would be welcomed as they will not interfere with the CFL season.
    Alamo dome has been looking for a football team forever and currently plays home to an arena football franchise in the spring. They would more than welcome some real football.
    Tropicana field is home to basballs Tampa rays for now. But in december it becomes a football stadium as it plays host to a NCAA bowl game. In the beginning of january plays host to a top HS football game and at the end of february hosts the East West shrine game an NCAA football allstar game. the stadium is set for football and two months of UFL action would fit perfectly.
    4 of the five current franchises would have homes for the winter season that would benefit both the venue and the UFL and also bring football to 4 of the top football regions in North America without comption from the NFL, NCAA, CFL, or CIS.
    a 5th venue would have to be found. There are enough cities where the clmate would be warm enough in january and february for teams to play out side but I think the lure of an all domed stadium UFL would make it unique.
    Syracuse has the carrier dome but may have trouble since it is in the heart of the NCAA college BBall season home to the syracuse orangemen.
    The other was miller park in Milwaukee. a perfect area for football proble is that it is a natural grass field and home to the Baseball brewers. It also currently has no football set up and im not sure if the brewers or Millerpark would be inetested in a team plaing football their unless it was the packers.
    seems perfect.
    Other venues in Canda are Rogers centre in Torono but may not gget the support. BC place in vancouver only has CFL an MLS francises playing there so that would be a possibilty for a northwest region team.