Tuesday 22nd January 2019,

NFL Assistant: Kirk Cousins Could Be Better Than Andrew Luck

NFL Assistant: Kirk Cousins Could Be Better Than Andrew Luck

Kirk Cousins

Four years ago, Andrew Luck was said to be the best QB prospect coming out of college since Peyton Manning. While he looked good earlier on in his career, Luck look very pedestrian last season. Sure, he was hurt for a portion of the campaign, but when he was in there, he was just decent.

Meanwhile in D.C. Kirk Cousins, who took over for Robert Griffin III during the preseason, had a strong campaign for his standards. He was able to lead his team to a division title (in a weak division). He managed to pass for more than 4,000 yards while throwing for 34 touchdowns and just 11 picks.

Luck and Cousins have absolutely nothing to do with one another except for the fact that they were recently compared. One NFL assistant seems to thing Cousins, a former 3rd rounder, could be better than Luck.

“It’s possible we will look back maybe 10 years from now and say Kirk Cousins was better than Andrew Luck or almost any other young quarterback today,” the assistant said. “Maybe better than Russell Wilson, as well. I would have never thought that a year ago—mainly because I feel like a good quarterback there didn’t have the organizational support.”

H/T: Bleacher Report

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