Wednesday 19th June 2019,

NFL Considering Having 2017 Pro Bowl in Brazil

NFL Probowl BrazilGive the NFL credit. They keep trying new and inventive things in attempt to make the Pro Bowl more interesting to fans. The reality is that football doesn’t lend itself to an all-star game, so there’s an imaginary cap on how interesting the game will ever be.

Regardless, they’re still trying. In fact, they may even move the game to Brazil. Historically, it has been in Hawaii forever, and a few stops in Miami too. This move would be made more for international appeal than anything else.

A source told that Brazil is a viable candidate to host the 2017 Pro Bowl.
The all-star exhibition game’s future destination is one of the subjects that will be broached during the NFL’s annual meeting being held from Monday through Wednesday in Phoenix.
There are several reasons Brazil is under consideration as the first non-U.S. site for the Pro Bowl. The NFL has drawn growing interest in that South American country from a television viewership and participation standpoint, which appeals to a league looking to expand its international interests.

H/T: FOX sports

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