Wednesday 23rd January 2019,

Report: “50-50 Chance” Titans Trade Top Pick

NFL draft

The NFL Draft is just a few weeks away and we’re about to be hit with an influx of posturing by teams. Perhaps the Tennessee Titans have already begun this.

Per Peter King’s MMQB, there’s a 50-50 chance that the Titans trade the #1 overall pick. Frankly, it wouldn’t be a huge deal. If there were a year to do so, this would be that year. There’s not really a can’t-miss QB, and they’ve already hitched their wagon to Marcus Mariota.

The Titans, holders of the first pick in the draft, will have a chance to make a deal. The Titans have received significant interest in the pick. I believe it is now 50-50 whether Tennessee will trade it or keep it.

The Titans are a team with a lot of holes on their roster and moving down for picks in multiple years could make sense but, they’re also a team with a very big hole on the offensive line. They must protect QB Marcus Mariota. Mariota was sacked 38 times in 12 games as a rookie and knocked out of two different games with injuries. So keeping Mariota healthy and standing is the most important thing they can do right now therefore keeping their No.1 and drafting Tunsil is a good option for them.

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