Monday 18th February 2019,

NFL Network Apologizes To Bengals For Showing Naked Players


The NFL Network has apologized to Bengals for showing naked players in the locker room during a postgame interview Sunday in Buffalo.

A reporter was interviewing cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones when several naked players were shown in the background heading to the showers.

NFL Network Executive Vice President Alex Riethmiller said that the crew had not followed network procedures and if they had the incident would have been prevented.

“It is a regrettable mistake by a production team, and one where we’ve already done a pretty thorough review of the procedures and processes that were dropped along the way to make sure that it doesn’t happen again,” Riethmiller said.

Andrew Whitworth, the team’s union rep, was one of the players whose backside was exposed during the interview. He took to Twitter and made light about his on-camera role, saying he “worked hard for those glutes,” but in all seriousness, this was no laughing matter to him. Whitworth has said before that the media should not be allowed in the locker room while players are showering and dressing. He has lobbied for the NFL to have a more restrictive policy.

Riethmiller has apologized “to everyone that was affected, to the players to the organization to the viewing public, first and foremost,” but Whitworth says it’s not enough, an apology alone “won’t be good enough.” He brought up an interesting point, what if this happened to a female athlete? Would the rules be any different? Would changes be made in regards to media access?

“If I was a woman, this would be a completely different subject, and it would be a complete firestorm,” Whitworth said. “We can’t always just serve women and everyone else. Men deserve a right too. We have rights. We have privacy. We deserve all the things we want as well.”

Will Whitworth use this latest incident to change media access in locker rooms?

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