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NFL Passing Stats: Tom Brady Already Leads Every Meaningful Category

NFL Passing Stats: Tom Brady Already Leads Every Meaningful Category

Tom Brady

Tom Brady is truly a force to be reckoned with; it didn’t take him long to stand apart as the best quarterback in the NFL. When you look at online betting predictions, Brady wasn’t carrying much favor at the start of the season.

In fact, some people wondered whether his four-game suspension would keep him out of the game for so long that the NFL would learn to function without his presence. After just three games since he made his return, though, Brady is already making waves, having made enough passes to qualify for official NFL Passing statistics.

You need to realize just how impressive it is for Brady to make it all the way to the top of a number of meaningful categories. Looking at the numbers, it is little wonder that TV ratings seemed to struggle without the star power of Tom Brady at the start of the season.

Think about the fact that the QB is already leading Number 2 Matt Ryan by 19 points with regards to the rating. Brady achieved a career-high rating of 117.2 during the Patriots undefeated season in 2007; he could very well exceed this mark in the upcoming games.

His 75.2 pass completion percentage is the highest in the NFL at the moment, with Dak Prescott (68.7 percent) falling behind him by roughly seven points. Luckily for some of his rivals, Brady doesn’t dominate the ‘passing yards’ category, but only because his suspension kept him out of the season for four whole games.

Of course, if you really want to depress his critics, you could just choose to look at the ‘yards per pass’ which measure efficiency and where Brady is pretty much crushing it as well; what else can you call the 9.94 yards per attempt he is averaging, with Matt Ryan (9.62) coming in second.

Again, Brady loses to Drew Brees when you look at the total passing touchdowns (Drew has 17), but things quickly change if you, instead, look at the touchdown rates.

And, as you might expect, Brady has also exceeded expectations there, with 7.9 percent of his passes finding their way to the end zone. This surpasses Drew’s touchdown rate of 6.2 percent (which is the fourth highest percentage). Drew can still boast about the fact that he leads the NFL in touchdowns.

Ben Roethlisberger is closely trailing Brady with his touchdown rate of 7.1 percent; either way, Brady is ahead and it is easy to see why some of his opponents are so disconcerted.

If all that wasn’t impressive enough, Brady hasn’t thrown an interception in 2016; in other words, he is pretty much at the top when it comes to this category in the NFL, tying with Bears backup Brian Hoyer (who has all but exited the season).

No one understands how Brady can keep performing so well; the man is 39-years-old but you wouldn’t know it. He has a lot going for him of course, working with teammates like Jimmy Garoppolo, Josh McDaniels, and Jacoby Brissett. He also has the benefit of working with arguably the greatest NFL coach to ever exist in Bill Belichick.

Everything just seems to come together around Brady, and the suspension didn’t even slow his progress.

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