Thursday 13th December 2018,

NFL is Still Trying to Help Johnny Manziel


Johnny Manziel’s NFL career is likely over but for those that care for him, the attention has turned to his personal safety. His dad is on record as saying he fears for his son’s life and the NFL has stepped in too.

NFL executive vice president of football operations, Troy Vincent has revealed that the league is doing what they can for Johnny. But the problem is that Manziel doesn’t feel as if he needs or wants help from anyone. Kudos to the league for their continued efforts.

“It’s what you go to bed every night thinking how do you assist someone that’s really not interested or quite frankly doesn’t want to meet you halfway,” Vincent said. “You can have all the resources and they’re endless, confidential resources in your hometown, the individual club where the players or family members live. They’re there. They’re available. But if an individual is not willing to meet you halfway to get assistance, it’s very difficult because it’s something you can’t make an individual do anything.

“In this particular case, it’s obvious it’s gotten out of control,” Vincent said. “You see his parents. When a father speaks out about losing his son potentially to substance abuse, you know there’s a problem. Johnny’s not returning phone calls. He’s in different states. You kind of see him, you get notice of where he is off social media and that’s a challenge, but we won’t stop. We’ll continue to keep reaching out, letting Johnny know we love him, we care for him and we’re here when he’s willing and wants and is able to accept assistance, we’ll be there for him.”


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