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NFL Week 12 Quick Hits

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Week 12 in review - 2012 Season

New England – No Gronk No Problem.  Only took 6 minutes to ring up 35 points.

New York – Brandon Moore’s ass, Fireman Ed, another blowout loss to the Pats under Rex.

Buffalo – Buffalo will miss the playoffs for the 13th straight season…and you thought the Jets had issues.

Miami – They have a pulse and some very well timed sprinklers.

AFC South

Houston – Nice win against the Lions…Matt Schaub’s groin doesn’t feel too victorious.  Defense is not dominate at the moment and no LB’s left.

Indianapolis – Andrew Luck can win at home…next road attempt is Detroit. If they can’t win on the road they are in trouble.

Jacksonville – Chad Henne is playing solid behind center and Cecil Shorts is coming up big.  They can smile in Florida this week.

Tennessee– An ugly loss to the Jags does not help their playoff chances.

AFC North

Baltimore – Ray Rice for 30 yards on 4th and 29.  Incredible!

Cincinnati – 6-5 and winning easy.  A struggling Charger squad i sup next.

Pittsburgh – 8 turnovers…8!  They look like they are in serious trouble with the Ravens up next.

Cleveland – You get 8 turnovers you can win against anyone.

AFC West

Denver – Game was closer than many though, Manning got dinged, but they have the West all sealed up.

San Diego – Bye Norv Turner…and everyone else.  What a disaster of a season.

Kansas City – Gave Denver a run.  They lost but Bowe and Charles got Manning’s autograph so big win there.

Oakland – They can’t seem to much of anything right this season.

NFC East

Washington – RGIII was nearly perfect…just an amazing game….yeah identical to last week.  Guy is coming on strong!

Dallas – Changes are coming in Dallas next season…this team is under achieving every week….yeah identical to last week.

Philadelphia – Where to start? Offensive Line, QB, dropped passes, defense, special teams , coaching- a disaster in Philly…yep identical.

New York – Got everyone going against the Pack.  Only bad new was Andre Brown going down for the season with a broken leg.

NFC South

Atlanta – Great game in Tampa.  Julio Jones is a monster.

Tampa Bay – The winning streak is over, but this team is looking playoff worthy.

New Orleans – A bad loss to the Niners might be what ended their season.

Carolina – Cam Newton has his best game of the season.  Too bad it was in week 12.

NFC North

Green Bay – Started off great on offense. Too bad that was all they did against the Giants.

Detroit – A game they had in the bag and blew it.  Biggest news was Suh and some dirty plays again.

Chicago – Cutler was back and they breezed past a flailing Vikings squad.  Forte is a bit dinged.

Minnesota – Once promising season is looking lost.

NFC West

San Francisco – QB controversy….not this week with the defense helping out.

Arizona – When you get blown out by St.Louis you have problems.

St. Louis – Hey 31 points…good job!

Seattle – Like Indy they just can’t win on the road. they also are losing players on defense for PEDs.  Bad time of year for that.



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