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NFL Week 12 Quick Hits

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Week 12 in review - 2012 Season

New England – No Gronk No Problem.  Only took 6 minutes to ring up 35 points.

New York – Brandon Moore’s ass, Fireman Ed, another blowout loss to the Pats under Rex.

Buffalo - Buffalo will miss the playoffs for the 13th straight season…and you thought the Jets had issues.

Miami – They have a pulse and some very well timed sprinklers.

AFC South

Houston – Nice win against the Lions…Matt Schaub’s groin doesn’t feel too victorious.  Defense is not dominate at the moment and no LB’s left.

Indianapolis – Andrew Luck can win at home…next road attempt is Detroit. If they can’t win on the road they are in trouble.

Jacksonville – Chad Henne is playing solid behind center and Cecil Shorts is coming up big.  They can smile in Florida this week.

Tennessee- An ugly loss to the Jags does not help their playoff chances.

AFC North

Baltimore – Ray Rice for 30 yards on 4th and 29.  Incredible!

Cincinnati – 6-5 and winning easy.  A struggling Charger squad i sup next.

Pittsburgh – 8 turnovers…8!  They look like they are in serious trouble with the Ravens up next.

Cleveland – You get 8 turnovers you can win against anyone.

AFC West

Denver – Game was closer than many though, Manning got dinged, but they have the West all sealed up.

San Diego – Bye Norv Turner…and everyone else.  What a disaster of a season.

Kansas City – Gave Denver a run.  They lost but Bowe and Charles got Manning’s autograph so big win there.

Oakland – They can’t seem to much of anything right this season.

NFC East

Washington – RGIII was nearly perfect…just an amazing game….yeah identical to last week.  Guy is coming on strong!

Dallas – Changes are coming in Dallas next season…this team is under achieving every week….yeah identical to last week.

Philadelphia – Where to start? Offensive Line, QB, dropped passes, defense, special teams , coaching- a disaster in Philly…yep identical.

New York – Got everyone going against the Pack.  Only bad new was Andre Brown going down for the season with a broken leg.

NFC South

Atlanta – Great game in Tampa.  Julio Jones is a monster.

Tampa Bay – The winning streak is over, but this team is looking playoff worthy.

New Orleans – A bad loss to the Niners might be what ended their season.

Carolina – Cam Newton has his best game of the season.  Too bad it was in week 12.

NFC North

Green Bay – Started off great on offense. Too bad that was all they did against the Giants.

Detroit – A game they had in the bag and blew it.  Biggest news was Suh and some dirty plays again.

Chicago – Cutler was back and they breezed past a flailing Vikings squad.  Forte is a bit dinged.

Minnesota – Once promising season is looking lost.

NFC West

San Francisco – QB controversy….not this week with the defense helping out.

Arizona – When you get blown out by St.Louis you have problems.

St. Louis – Hey 31 points…good job!

Seattle – Like Indy they just can’t win on the road. they also are losing players on defense for PEDs.  Bad time of year for that.

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