Monday 18th February 2019,

Nike Considering Dropping Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel

The Cleveland Browns are not the only ones considering cutting ties with Johnny Manziel.

According to TMZ a source at Nike mentioned they were worried about Manziel:

We are worried about him and hope things will turn around in the right direction … but we are on the fence if [our relationship] will continue.

In the past few months Manziel has continuously put himself in compromising situations. He was accused of striking his girlfriend during an argument on the way home from a bar and was benched by the Browns after lying about partying. It was also rumored that he was partying in disguise in Las Vegas the night before the Browns final season game.

Last week he was dropped from LeBron James’ marketing agency LRMR. The agency claimed that Manziel needed to work on his “personal growth” and LeBron had the following to tell Joe Vardon via

“I think it’s more concern for him individually. And I’m not quite sure, I don’t know all the details on it, I really kind of even haven’t been all up on it, but I’ve heard a little bit of it and it’s just a distraction for not only himself but for everyone that’s around him, including family, people that represent him, the people around him. And he’ll figure it out at some point, we all hope.”

If the rumors are in fact true and Nike drops Johnny Manziel a loss of representation from them should be a huge wake-up call.

Stay tuned to find out…

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