Wednesday 23rd January 2019,

Now We Get to See Garoppolo in Action

jimmy-garoppoloEven though Brady is appealing his suspension over #deflategate, as of now he will be suspended and miss games, enough to be curious about what the Patriots would do without their main man at the helm.

Garoppolo was hailed as the possible replacement for Brady once he leaves the game in a few years. His style matched Brady’s perfectly and the coaching staff was expected to do wonders grooming this kid. Now we get to see a little bit of it at work.

Garoppolo was hailed for his lighting quick release and his smooth throwing motion. He is a tough pocket passer who is athletic enough to keep the play alive if its needed and make the right decision. Very poised quarterback with very quick learning ability and great anticipation skills.

He hasn’t gotten a chance to play a meaningful game but he has played before. He has a 70% completion percentage and even a career touchdown. A low average yards per throw but the game was in garbage time. He did look comfortable and confident as a quarterback and that can take him far.

Garoppolo will most certainly play the opener against the Steelers whose defense has become quite vulnerable. He plays against Buffalo and Jacksonville after that, with a fourth game against Dallas. The Jaguars can be an easy challenge for Garoppolo to lead the Patriots to victory, the Bills on the other hand have changed their look so it will be hard to predict the outcome. Certainly a good test for Jimmy.

Assuming the suspension stays at 4 games, Garoppolo has a chance to surprise a few scouts and coaches and maybe earn a starting job soon on another team. Just like Matt Cassell did when Brady got hurt and missed an entire season, if Garoppolo shows some promise his career can take off. Quickly.

Time will tell, I’m looking forward to seeing what he’s made of.

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