Wednesday 16th January 2019,

Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Will Not Appeal Sanctions


Because Tom Brady has chosen to appeal his 4-game suspension, DeflateGate doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. However, it looks as if the owner of the Patriots wishes it would. Robert Kraft has decided not to appeal any of the punishment handed down to the team from the NFL. Whether or not this is a subliminal admission of guilt is for you to decide, but Kraft has steadfastly denied wrongdoing from anyone on his team.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft said today he will not appeal the NFL’s sanctions of the Patriots in the Deflategate saga and he will “reluctantly” accept the punishment doled out by commissioner Roger Goodell and NFL VP of football operations Troy Vincent.

Kraft, speaking at the NFL owners meetings, said he wants to defer to Goodell and reaffirmed his faith in Goodell’s leadership of the league.

The Patriots were stripped of first- and fourth-round draft picks, fined $1 million and had Tom Brady suspended four games. The NFLPA already announced it will appeal Brady’s suspension.

“Although I might disagree in what is decided I do have respect for the commissioner,” Kraft said, adding he believes Goodell is doing what he believes is right for the NFL.

H/T: Boston Herald

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