Tuesday 19th February 2019,

Rams to Prep Jared Goff to Start Week 1

Rams to Prep Jared Goff to Start Week 1

Jared Goff

When it comes to certain NFL teams, you sometimes hear to statement “they don’t have a Quarterback” thrown around. Sometimes it fits, other times its just hyperbole. But in the case of the Rams, it was definitely true. That’s why they had absolutely no choice but to trade up in the draft for the right grab Cal’s Jared Goff #1 overall.

Now that he’s on the roster, the team is apparently wasting no time. Head coach Jeff Fisher says the goal is for Goff to start week 1.

“He may start on Monday night,” Fisher said of the Rams’ Monday Night Football opener against the San Francisco 49ers in Santa Clara, California. “That’s the goal. We understand the environment, believe me. He does. We’ve had lengthy conversations. If I had concerns about whether Jared could handle this, I wouldn’t be talking about Jared right now. He can handle it.”

Back in February, draft pundits professes that there weren’t any franchise QBs in this years draft, so it’s amazing see how Goff and Carson Wentz go so much better in the past two months without playing a single down of football. We may have to temper our week 1 Goff expectations.

H/T: NFL.com

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