Tuesday 19th February 2019,

Richard Sherman Undercover As Lyft Driver

Richard Sherman

Watch out next time your Lyft driver tries to get you to trash talk an athlete because it might actually be them.

Seattle Seahawks cornerback, Richard Sherman, has made quite a name for himself in Seattle so having him go undercover proved surprisingly easier than expected.

Sherman teamed up with Lyft and gave a few lucky fans the ride of a lifetime. Aided with a hoodie, beanie and sunglasses he managed to disguise himself to fool some people.

Richard Sherman dropped subtle hints about his true identity along the way … including this one:

“I just came back from Hawaii actually with some of my friends. I try to make sure I go every year. There’s like 50 of us. We even see some guys we really don’t like so much from work but that’s part of the job.”

Here is the clip of some of his rides:

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A few other athletes joined Lyft in the past and have gone undercover to surprise unsuspecting passengers such as NASCAR driver Danica Patrick (video) and NFL Jerry Rice (video).

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