Wednesday 17th July 2019,

Roddy White Was “Miserable” Last Season in Atlanta

roddy white

Roddy White spend all 11 years of his career with the Atlanta Falcons. For much of that, he enjoyed being the #1 target for whatever quarterback they had. But when the Falcons drafted Julio Jones several years later, it was clear who was the better wide out. Jones’ superior talent and White’s increasing age led to White’s ultimate release following the 2015 season. He was only able to account for 506 years on 43 catches and just one touchdown.

Per Roddy White, he’s happy he was let go because he didn’t enjoy his time there. In fact, he thinks they underachieved last year because he had a limited role.

“They had a role for me coming into the season, and I feel it wasn’t told to me prior to the season,” White said, via CBS Atlanta. “I’m completely fine if someone sits me down and says ‘This is what we want you to do’, but I didn’t get fully where they were going with me.” White continued, “After that I sat down with (offensive coordinator) Kyle (Shanahan) and I thought things would change, and they didn’t change.”

“Being released wasn’t a bad thing for me, because I wasn’t going to be on that team and accept the same role the following year, or then I would have self-destructed around there,” he said. “I would have went crazy if I would have had to go through that another year. I can’t play football like that, I was miserable.


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